Today I’m doing a review of Facebook Traffic Blueprint.

The first thing you’ll see after purchasing is the downloads place with lots of downloads.
Next to Facebook Traffic Blueprint you’ll get 8! other courses all related to Facebook Marketing.
I haven’t looked at all those courses, but I have to say that you’ll get a lot of products for Facebook Traffic Blueprints little pricetag.

The download of Facebook Traffic Blueprint is 104 MB and includes a total of 15 videos.
The first video explains what the FTB is all about and shows you all the topics.


As you can see Facebook Traffic Blueprint covers a lot of areas about facebook marketing.
My first reaction after seeing all those video’s was WOW, what a lot of value do you get for your money. However before getting my review copy I expected the videos to be more in depth studies with a lot of real pictures from facebook on how to do certain things. The whole series is more informative with some pictures, which isn’t wrong, but personaly I always like to see things as they are.

Yet I must say that the whole video series is well put together. Step by step you will learn the basics of facebook advertising.
If you are more advanced, I think this series will be pretty basic and you should go for the added bonusses.

I absolutely believe that if you don’t have any experience with making money with Facebook and Facebook advertising, that this course will give you all you need to get started.

Together with Facebook Traffic Blueprint you’ll get those Bonusses:

1. FB Essential Training
facebook Fanpage tips and tricks

2. Fanpage Tips And Tricks
facebook Essential Training

3. FB List Monster
facebook List Monster

4. FB Marketing Services
Facebook Marketing Services

5. FB Remarketing
Facebook Remarketing
6. Mastering FB CPA
Mastering CPA Using Facebook

7. WP AdSlinger
WP Ad Slinger Plugin
8. Free Report with giveaway Rights

Also in the downloads area I noticed some other bonusses you will discover yourself 😉

If you don’t have lots of experience with Facebook Marketing, I recommend you to buy Facebook Traffic Blueprint because it’s cheap and you will absolutely get value for your money. If you are more experienced Facebook Traffic Blueprint is also a good investment because of all the bonusses!

Check it out here