Video Overplay [Review]

Example of the Funnel Overplay
[vop id=’3′]

Today I’m doing a review of Video Overplay

After playing an hour with this plugin I have to say that I’m pretty impressed by what Video Overplay can do for your website or blog.

What does Video Overplay do?

With Video Overplay you have the ability to embed youtube video’s on your website that are interactive with the customer (see example video on top of this page). When you create a new Video Overplay you have the following options that will show up while the video is playing:

Video Overplay Video configuration

Email OptIn
With Email optIn a popup will show up in your video. You can select the time when the popup shows up. In the same settings area you can link the optIn form to your own email provider.

Video Overplay Signup
Mail provider

Social Sharing
With Social Sharing all share buttons show up while the video is playing. This way people will share your post a lot easier!

Funnel question
I really like the funnel question option! With the Funnel question you give the visitor a question with 2 options. The visitor can choose the one or the other and depending on what he chooses, a different video will play. This is ideal to drive customers to the right message that they wanna hear.

Video Overplay review questions

Adding a Call to Action button
With a call to action button you have the option to choose a headline and a button text. When they click on the button they will be directed to your CTA Link.
Video Overplay call to action

Adding your own designed Banner
If you want to take control yourself you can design your own banners and add them to your video. When they click on the banner they will be directed to your CTA link.
Video Overplay Banner

What does this product do differently than the competition?

To be honest I don’t know if there is much competition with this plugin. A few weeks ago I bought SociVids, but both have a totally different purpose. SociVids has also the option to put a Email optIn and a CTA banner, but SociVids is more Facebook related imo. Also is SociVids Hosted external and Video Overplay is build right into your WordPress site, so you never have to worry if it still will exist in a few years.

What I really like about Video Overplay

I already mentioned it before, but what I really like is Funnel Question. Just add a question with 2 answers. Both answers lead to another video. As you see in my example Overplay Video you have the question”Do you like green or blue?”. When you choose green, the green video will play. When you choose blue, the blue video will play. This way you give the customer the idea that he can make his own choice what to watch. Also you will funnel them into the right message that they need to hear to buy your product. Personally I think this feature is awesome!

It works on mobile devices
What I also like is that Video Overplay works on mobile devices. It works a bit different than on a desktop, but it works! The difference on your mobile device is that the video stops playing when the Overplay comes in. Then after closing the video you’ll see the overplay that you have chosen. So for example after closing the video you’ll see the share buttons which really invites you to click on.

Overplay Analysis
This is everything you want if you want to see how your visitors interact with your video’s.


What I don’t like about Video Overplay

After playing with Video Overplay I noticed that you are not able to choose different links in the funnel video’s. So after watching the blue video you will be send to the same CTA link as when you watch the green video. It would be really awesome if there is an option to set 2 different CTA links. Also What I would like to see is a color picker for the video players background. Now you can choose from black, blue, red and green, but it would be really nice if you could pick your own color that match your website.

Who can use Video Overplay?

Well, the answer is simple. As long as you have a WordPress website, everyone can use Video Overplay. It’s ideal if you want to get viral. It gives you more options to share your content and will help you to get in contact with your customer when they sigh up through the optIn form.


I really recommend this wonderful plugin. It’s well programmed, easy to handle (everyone can without the tutorial) and it gives absolutely added value to your website

Where to buy?

You can buy it through the link below.

Also as a gift when you buy by the link below I will give you a free lifetime account where you can build your own squeezepages in seconds through drag and drop.