If you have been joining SEO’s for a while, you probably have heard of the name Long Tail Pro. I had purchased it a few years ago and at that time , I have to say, I was very charmed by how the program was put together.

Quite by accident I looked at the program last week to see if the download would work on my IMac but unfortunately….

The good news is that there is a completely new version released which works again and even looks more beautiful and works much better then the previous version.

The nice thing about Long tail Pro 3 is that everything is organised into one program, so you don’t need other software to save your results.
Inside Long tail Pro you can add as much projects as you want and add your keywords to it.
When specifying these words you can immediately apply filters which then also immediately be applied to the result that is displayed. For instance, you can specify:

    • Which words you do or don’t want to see in the search result
    • What the minimum and maximum bid is what you want to see
    • What the minimum and maximum local search volume of the advertiser competition should be ( low , medium, high)
    • How many words the search for minimum and maximum should contain
    • The minimum and maximum global search volume that may be displayed
    • Which domain names are still available for the specified search
    • The minimum and maximum Google title competition
    • The minimum and maximum Bing title completion

Long Tail Keywords
When you have entered these commands, Long Tail Pro 3 will quickly retrieve the results.
Personally I find a very nice feature that you can use to specify how many words the search query at least must contain. This is where the power of Long tail Pro 3 comes to good use. Because on Long tail keywords you can easy and quickly rank in Google and you can see the results straight away in the filtered results. Even when all the results are loaded you can modify the filters and you will see the results immediately.

Google Title competition.
When you want to study your competitors you only need to click on a keyword and all the relevant information will appear.

Notes and Stars.

When the search results are in it is also useful that you will have the possibility to make notes per keyword and to give a star to your favourite results. Later you can find all your notes and favourites with a click of a button.

Rank Checker.
In addition Long Tail Pro 3 also has a built-in Rank checker. Enter your website address and the keyword that you want to check. Immediately you will see what the position of your website will be in the search results of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Export possibility
You can also export all of your filtered results to a CSV file in which you can make a clear displayed list.

All in all, I find Long tail Pro 3 a great piece of software that provides you with all the information you want to see as a SEO. Especially the option to determine the number of words per keyword is a absolute must have.
Long Tail Pro 3 runs on Windows and Mac and can be purchased by the link below.

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