Welcome to my Bonusify review and custom bonuses.

So what is Bonusify all about? Simply put, Bonusify is a bonus page creator that allows you to create well designed bonus pages in minutes.

And yes, I literally talk about minutes. I honestly haven’t seen a bonus page builder that is so quick as Bonusify.

Why do I need bonus pages

The answer to this question is simple. If you want to sell more, you need to offer more. Especially in the product launch scene people are shopping now only for the products that they are buying, but also for the bonuses that the reviewers of products are giving to anyone who purchases the product through their link.

Creating bonuses pages always takes a lot of time, especially when you need to create them over and over again. And that’s where Bonusify comes in place. Bonusify gives you the option to create bonuses and then use them in every other page that you are going to create.

Imagine that you promote product A today, but next week you promote a similar product. You now have the option to add some of the same bonuses that you already created for product A and use them for your new promotion.

How does Bonusify work?

After you have logged in into your account, you are being redirected to your dashboard.
On your dashboard you will see some statistics of the campaigns that you have created. You’ll see the latest clicks, your top 5 views pages and some additional info about your published pages.

Bonusify Review

Bonusify Review

In the left menu you have the option to create a new bonus page.
Simply add a subdomain name, a title, product name and your affiliate link and your almost ready to publish your Bonusify page. The only thing left is choosing your theme (Bonusify comes with 3 themes) and accept the terms and conditions and you’re ready to go.

Adding bonuses to bonusify

By default Bonusify comes with 5 bonuses (when you buy Bonusify through my link I’ll give you 15 additional bonuses).
To add the bonuses to your page, simply click on add bonus, and your bonus is added. All this can be done if a few minutes.
Once done, you add your video or image and your page is almost ready to publish.
The only thing missing is a description and a buy button.

My Bonusify bonuses

For everyone who decides to buy Bonusify through my page I will give 15 additional bonuses that you can use within your Bonusify account.
Creating bonuses is always the hardest part, and to make that easy for you, you can use my bonuses as your own. Simply add the bonuses to the backend and you can add them to your new pages every time you create a new product.

Also I have added 4 extra bonuses that you can use for your personal use.

To see my bonuses, click the link at the bottom of this review.

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Bonusify price and upsells

FE:  Bonusify: ($27 Coupon Code-  Early Bird first 24h)  and  $47  -50%

OTO1: Pro version + Bonus Club + Templates Club: $37/monthly -30%/Month

OTO2: Training:  $57 – A one-time price and powerful training -50%

OTO3: Reseller:  $497 – A one-time price -50%

My Bonusify review Score

Easy to use