Welcome to my Evergreen Traffic Academy Review.

In this review, I will show you exactly what Evergreen Traffic Academy is all about. Is it really as good as everyone is telling you? Does it really enable you to get the results that are promised on the sales page? Well, keep reading as I will let you see my view on this product.

Evergreen traffic academy review

So what is Evergreen Traffic Academy?

When I reviewed Evergreen traffic academy I noticed quickly that this training is all about Free Traffic Machines that bring in $100-$200/day in 100% passive income like the sales page says.

In the first module, Greg Kononenko (one of the creators) is showing proof of this. Actually, the whole training is based on how Greg runs 3 successful traffic sources that he has monetized.

Evergreen traffic academy

The whole training is organized in 8 modules including 61 videos! Going into every detail that is needed to reproduce the same results Greg has himself.

The unique thing about this training is that it truly creates 100% passive income. Once you have set up the traffic machines, they will run on autopilot traffic to your website and offers that you sell.

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3 Evergreen Traffic Funnels

In this training, you will be guided to set up 3 traffic channels.

1. Youtube

2. SEO

3. Pinterest

Every traffic funnel is explained into full details. I really have to pride Greg for this. No stone is left unturned. Every traffic funnel is fully explained how to set them up. Besides setting up the funnels, you will not only learn how to drive traffic but also how to monetize the traffic. I mean you can have lots of traffic, but if you don’t convert it, it’s not of any value.

One way to monetize traffic is to drive traffic to capture/signup pages. Make sure you check out my bonuses because I will add custom bonuses that are a perfect fit to build your list.

What got me most excited

Although I’m a Youtuber myself, the Youtube module got me most excited. It explains traffic different than I’m using Youtube myself. I do well, but I’ve never focused on growing my subscriber list.

Evergreen traffic academy
Greg quickly grew his fairly new channel quickly to over 10.000 subscribers. Now I know that 10.000 may not be a great number. But keep in mind that from every video you upload at least 5% of your subscriber list will watch your videos. This means with every video you upload you will get at least 500 eyeballs to what you have to say. Can you imagine what 500 visitors a video can do for your business?

But it doesn’t stick with 500 eyeballs. The cool thing is that once a video gets hit, it keeps running and it keeps getting eyeballs. As Greg explains, Youtube is the easiest traffic source to rank in the top results. He also shows proof of this.

How quick can you get results with Evergreen Traffic Funnels?

Now I have to say upfront that Evergreen Traffic Funnels is not a get rich quick training. It is a solid training that lets you set up solid traffic streams that grow over time to great traffic sources that you can monetize. Over time you will have nice passive income streams that can bring in a nice income.

What it’s not about:

  • Paid Traffic – never pay for ads, no ad budget needed
  • Outdated Methods – This is 100% fresh and what Greg is doing now
  • Risky Spamming – you can be proud of the business you’ll build
  • Hounding Affiliates – This is even EASIER than affiliate traffic! You don’t have to rely on ANYONE else’s traffic!
  • Product Creation – You don’t have to create any products at all!
  • Limited Scope – You primarily use free traffic machines to build passive income from affiliate marketing, display ads, and build email lists. However, they work for ANY niche and for ANY purpose… affiliate, CPA, ads, blogging, e-commerce, local, and more…

What the creators say about Evergreen Traffic Academy:

Evergreen Traffic Academy is a premium grade instructional, step by step traffic course on our 3 methods to build rapid, free, traffic in any niche and scale your passive income.

Evergreen Traffic Academy is the most extensive traffic course of the century, including over 61 VIDEOS…and tons of proof of traffic…

You can follow the methods we teach to build passive income to affiliate offers, display ads, and more…EVEN if you’ve never driven a single click before online, or made a single dollar.

traffic proof

Each module includes several videos and full resources.

And by that, I mean you’ll be watching how WE do it (right over the shoulder) so there’s no chance you can mess this up.

My final thoughts

Although I haven’t even mentioned the Pinterest and Google SEO module. Evergreen Traffic Funnels is a rock solid training in every module. It gets 100% my approval. My advice when you get this: choose your favorite traffic funnel until you master it. Once you’ve got that running, continue with the next one, etc.

My Final Review Score

Easy to use