YouTargetr review
YouTargetr allows you to spend less time with advertising and it will save money while you will be getting (Penny Clicks) as maximum results from YouTube video Ads.

YouTargetr Review

In this Youtargetr review, you will discover that this software will help you to find your niche-specific videos and channels to place your video Ads in the blink of an eye without having to work hard.  You will be getting quick and fast results when you tap into the grossly despised yet profitable are which is called YouTube Video Ads.

YouTargetr Review – why is this tool so powerful for your business

YouTargetr is a Video Marketing app launched by the same vendor as HQ Webinar and it combines the amazing power of Youtube and Google and it enables you with the search ability to provide you with the right videos or niche-specific trending videos that you can target in your YouTube ads while monetizing them.


But that’s not all, it does way more than just fetching and monetizing videos…

With YouTargetr, you can easily find popular videos/channels and filter the non-monetized and monetized videos.  You can target your videos/AdWords ads to be placed on those popular monetized videos. You will also have the ability to receive the exact data that made those videos viral. This way, you can implement the same strategies on your own videos so you can rank them higher on YouTube and Google as well!


Here Are Some Powerful Features Built Into YouTargetr:

  1. Built-in channel search functionality: search a particular channel for trending videos and monetized videos, including their data ie description, tags, video rank for that keyword, and even transcripts.
  2. Incredible dual-source keyword research/suggestion tool that provides you with keyword ideas right within the portal. The tool even supports geotargeting and powerful wildcard search capability.
  3. Robust geolocation Video Rank Checker – that lets you see the exact rank of ANY video per keyword per location.
  4. Ability to spy on any video URL to see their exact ranking metrics; tags, description, etc.
  5. Easy but robust Geolocation Keyword research functionality, utilizing the incredible power of both Google and YouTube search engine for trending keywords/videos on both platforms per location.
  6. Ability to download, export in CSV, copy researched data to clipboard and paste in Adwords account.
  7. Organize monetized videos into target lists saved within the platform that you can easily call up and use for your campaigns
  8. Works across all device types; desktop, mobile, PC, Mac, etc.
  9. Ability to reach out straight to the channel about page where you can directly contact the channel owner, should you need them for influencer marketing.
  10. Robust search filter functionality e.g. filter between recent videos, video views range, channel subscribers, likes, unlikes, monetized and non monetized videos
  11. Plus newbie-friendly YouTube ads training anyone can follow to start driving penny clicks to their offers almost immediately

How does YouTargetr work?

Watch the video below to see a walkthrough of YouTargetr.


YouTargetr Upsells

OTO 1: YouTargetr Pro $37
– Everything inside the front end
– Filter between recent videos within a certain date range.
– Access to the advanced search functionality
– Find videos based on length, license, popularity, etc
– Geolocation-based targeting feature SO your video ads are perfectly tailored to the right audience.

You’ll get access to:
– keyword research tool for your video SEG research to find more popular/trending keywords for a better placement.
– Video rank checker to see exactly where your videos are on the search engine (Both Google and Youtube search.
– channel research tool – to find the most popular monetized videos on any channel
– Video Info grabber that helps you literally spy on your competitor’s videos so you can know exactly what they’re doing to get their videos on the first page.

OTO 2 – Local Agency Website + Local Ads Training $47

OTO 3 – DFY Video Pack $37

OTO 4 – YouTargetr Reseller Package $197
– Ability to sell YouTargetr as your own
– Done for you marketing pages, swipes, bonuses for your brand new video marketing agency suite
– Complete Salespage of FE as a Zip.
– Assistance to set up the site and PayPal buttons

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Bonus #1 – How To Pump Out Ads In Minutes

Have you ever wondered how the big gurus create their ads? And do you want to know how to create ads that truly convert?

In this training, I will show you the 5 elements that you need to turn strangers into loyal fans. When you discover these 5 elements, it makes it so easy for you that you will pump out ads in minutes!

Bonus #2 – Create Killer Videos Yourself With My Green Screen Academy Training

Almost daily people are contacting me asking me how I create my videos that stand out. Ever wondered how I put myself in front of my desktop without any background attached to it?

Get Youtargetr through my link and I’ll give you access to my custom training, where I’ll show you all my tips and tricks and how you can do this too with free software.

Bonus #3 – Professional video editing software

No idea how to create killer videos? No idea how to edit them. With my bonus, you’ll get a revolutionary video editing software that spits out the most beautiful videos in minutes.

Bonus #4 – How To Rank Your Youtube Videos

In this video, I’ll be showing you how you can rank your videos on top of Youtube and Google. I’ll share my screen and show you the exact same things that I’m doing to get top positions.

Bonus #5 – 10 High-Quality Video Ad PowerPoint Templates You Can Export and Use for Your YouTube Ads (Worth $4,997)

It’s one thing to have all the targeting elements ready to go for your campaigns, it’s entirely another thing to be able to convert your video viewers into customers or website visitors. These 10 templates will help you achieve that.

We paid a Creative Agency to have these templates created for you using your regular powerpoint so you can quickly edit, add your own details and render with unbelievable ease.

This is a perfect combo with your YouTargetr App and Training to help you get started right away without delay.

Bonus #6 – Spy My Competitor Plugin (Whitelabel License) (Worth $497)

One thing that helps you stay ahead online is your ability to see what your competitors are doing so you can restrategize on how to do better and beat them hands down.

With Spy My Competitor Plugin, you can easily spy on profitable, trending FB Ads or any viral campaign in several niches.

You can easily use this plugin to spy on the best performing ads in your niche or industry so you can better position yourself for the win. This is a smart marketing tool anyone needs to take their online business to the next level.

The best part is, you have whitelabel license to this plugin for unlimited usage.

Bonus #7 – YT Ads Banner Designer (Worth $197)

This is the easiest graphic design suite you can ever have in your marketing arsenal. YT Ads Banner Designer is a cloud app that helps you create stunning YouTube Banner Ad Placements in a few clicks.

The app was developed with YouTube Banner Ad sizes coded right inside it so you won’t have to worry about what size of banners you need for your campaigns. You can also use this graphics suite to create your YouTube Channel Art.

Even better, you can use it to create your social media graphics as well. In fact, you are only limited by your imagination as to the usage of this brand new graphics suite.

This is super easy and fun to use!

Bonus #8 – WP Image and Video Commenter (Worth $97)

Transform your ordinary WordPress Comment into this Interactive New Look with upload images and also displays videos from popular sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and many others. Create a more engaging collaboration tool for your website or blog today. This plugin is mobile-friendly and fully compatible with the latest WordPress version and supports all WP Themes.

Main Features

  • Automatically displays photo upload icon beside the standard Post Comment button
  • Supports all types of images (.jpg,.png and .gif)
  • Supports image transparency
  • Displays videos from popular video providers (YouTube, Vimeo, etc)
  • Secure displaying of video content using oEmbed in comments
  • Supports all WP Themes
  • Supports multi-language and WPML Compatible
  • Settings include changing caption labels and adjust default thumbnail size
  • Mobile Friendly and supports all mobile devices and tablets.

Bonus #9 – How to Start a Thriving YouTube Channel (Worth $67)

How would you like to start a YouTube channel filled with awesome content that people love? This is a step by step easy to follow training that details all the questions you must ask yourself before deciding to start a channel.

Main topics covered in this short training guide includes:

  • 5 Questions to Ask Before You Decide to Start a YouTube Channel
  • Before You Start Filming, Take These Steps
  • Got Your Channel Set Up? Now What?
  • How to Decide What Type of YouTube Channel to Create
  • The Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your YouTube Channel
  • Top Strategies for Getting Views on Your YouTube Channel
  • Professional Tips for Starting a Successful YouTube Channel
  • YouTube Channel Ideas to Help You Decide Your Focus
  • What Equipment You Must Have to Start a Successful YouTube Channel
  • Why You Should Start a YouTube Channel

If starting a YouTube channel is your goal (which should be), then this training is something you must have.

Bonus #10 – WordPress YouTube Gallery Plugin (Worth $67)

WordPress YouTube Gallery plugin is an effective tool to integrate any YouTube content into your website. Demonstrate videos, create galleries or show full channels on the website to entertain your visitors and help promote your brand. Show video tutorials and grow customer loyalty, display video reviews of your products to attract new clients and see how your brand becomes more and more popular!

WP YouTube Gallery plugin is right for you if you want to:

  • widen the audience of your YouTube channel
  • grow visitors engagement
  • increase product awareness
  • If you need a solution that will worth its price (this time for free)


Higher product awareness

The more visibility your brand has, the more active clients it will attract. Don’t hesitate to tell more about your products on the website with video tutorials, promotional videos and reviews. Display testimonials from your happy customers right from YouTube and grow your popularity.

More active subscribers

Don’t miss a chance to increase the number of your YouTube subscribers. Invite your website visitors to join your channel and give them a chance to do it right from your website. Set it as a source in our YouTube plugin and turn on Subscribe button to have wider audience.

Deeper audience engagement

Engage your website visitors with exciting YouTube content and make them want to visit your website again and again. Display YouTube channels, videos or even specific playlists in order to raise interest to your resource and increase involvement.

Key features

  • Multiple sources with YouTube channel URL and Source groups
  • Customizable widget size
  • Switchable header with three predefined layouts and customizable header elements: logo, banner, channel name, description, videos count, subscriber and views count, subscribe button
  • Editable channel name, description and logo
  • Switchable groups
  • Content customization: columns and rows; gutter; horizontal or vertical direction; drag and pagination; 6 transition effects; scroll bar and free mode; mobile optimization
  • 5 embedded color schemes
  • Customizable colors for header, groups, content, video, and popup
  • 18 languages supported
  • Regular live updates
  • Premium support with any issue by the professional team

Bonus #11 – How to Create Great YouTube Videos

If you want to run a successful business using YouTube Video Ads or YouTube Channel, you must know exactly what works and how to set things up the right way.

This short guide details step by step what you need to create great YT videos your customers are going to love!

Details covered in this guide include:

  • 5 Microphones for Great Sound Quality in Your YouTube Videos
  • Great YouTube Videos Mean Detailed, Informative Descriptions
  • How Jump Cuts Can Improve Your Video Quality
  • Length is the Key to Great YouTube Videos. How Long?
  • Lighting Tips for Quality YouTube Videos
  • Making Videos YouTube Viewers Love Means a Unique Set and Channel Personality
  • Microphone Positioning is Key to Great YouTube Video Creation
  • Understanding Camera Angles for High-Value Video Creation
  • Why Your Background Is So important for Making High-Quality YouTube Videos
  • YouTube Video Creation Tip of the Pros

This is a must-have guide that will surely take your YT business to the next level.

Bonus #12 – How to Create Great YouTube Videos

If you want to run a successful business using YouTube Video Ads or YouTube Channel, you must know exactly what works and how to set things up the right way.

This short guide details step by step what you need to create great YT videos your customers are going to love!

Bonus #13 – 41 Also get these 41 bonuses!!!

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