You know when I started doing internet marketing in in 2010 I was fascinated by it.

I heard from it from a young boy in our church. He was building affiliate websites, and he told me that you could earn money by promoting other peoples products. Just rank your websites on specific keywords, and when people click on a link on your website that refers to a specific product, you got paid if they bought the product. Wow, that sounded simple.

I already knew how to build websites, so I decided to dive into it. In that time it was easy to rank on specific keywords in Google, so after looking into some affiliate programs, I choose to promote iPhones with data plans.

If I remember correct I earned €38 for each plan I sold through my link. Man, for me that was earning gold next to my regular work.

I bought the right domain names, ranked it in Google, and traffic and sales came in! What a enjoyable time was that.

But you know… I lost it all.
After Googles algorithm updates my website bumped from position 1 to nowhere to be found. I went from making daily sales to no sales, and I had no idea what to do.

After my time of glory I had no idea how to get back on track again. I had no idea how to rank a website anymore. Everything that I build was gone from one day to the other. I can tell you, that feeling isn’t very pleasant.

To make a long story short… I struggled many years to get results again. I even quit for a few years, but couldn’t stop thinking about it. So after a few years I tried to pick up momentum, but with no results year after year. After year. Yes, You got it, I was struggling.

You know, there where many times that I thought I had the answer. I was certain that those new ideas would bring me results. I had new faith and I spend many many hours on new projects. I worked till midnight, did everything I could, and you know what I got from it? Nada, noppes, nothing.

I can tell you, that wears you out.

Man I was so disappointed. All that hard work and nobody saw it. I’ve thought about quitting so many times. But you know what? I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I couldn’t get internet marketing out of my mind. It always kept popping in my head and I started working on new ideas.

Even at the beginning of this year I thought about quitting. I was so sick and tired of having no results that I really wanted to quit. Simply said, I was too tired of all the hard work without having results. When you have no results it’s hard to get new inspiration.

But you know what… I’m SO happy I didn’t quit. Man, I’m so happy that I kept following my heart. I’m so happy that I couldn’t stop thinking about making money online.
Why? Because this year was my breakthrough.

Finally I started getting sales, finally I started to getting results, finally I got peoples attention, and I went from making a few bucks online to tens of thousands of dollars. I can tell you that is life changing.

And this brings me to the beginning of this post.

“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.”

The simple answer is Never give up.
Yes, it’s a simple answer, but it doesn’t have to be easy. BUT If I gave up, I would never have seen my breakthrough. I would never have got the results that I have now.

I’m graceful and I thank God for these results because he is my true inspiration. Am I where I wanna be? No not by far, because I believe that your dream always have to be bigger than yourself. You always have to stretch yourself. I’m on my way to my destination and I’m enjoying it.

If you are still struggling, then I hope you got some inspiration out of this post. The fact that you are still reading means that there is something that resonates. It means that you are also qualified for success.

Again, never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.
If you do so, you are positioned to become the most happy and successful man/woman on earth.

Stay strong, and thanks for reading!