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Discover my personal experience as a beta member of this High-Ticket Program.

Welcome to My Ministry Of Freedom Review

In this review, I’ll try to be as transparent as possible regarding The Ministry of Freedom. Of course, everyone promoting this program wants to make commissions, so do I. But I can imagine that you want to make an informed decision based on facts and not on hype. I want to get things 100% clear for you so that every question is being answered during this review.

That’s why I will tell you exactly how I’ve experienced my journey from a non-biased point. I want you to have the right expectation once you get started with this program.

Ministry of freedom review

How I got Into The Ministry Of Freedom

Before I tell you how I got into the ministry of Freedom, I think it’s a good idea to tell you a little bit more about myself. By doing this, you are able to put things in perspective as I will also talk about my results later in this review.

Before I joined the M.O.F. I was already a successful online marketer. I already made a full-time income with mainly affiliate marketing, supporting my family from home.

I think this is important to tell you because you probably also have seen my income proof on the sales page or at the webinar you were on.

My motives to join

So what were my motives to join, you already making a full-time income you might ask?
Multiple people have asked me this, and I understand this question but it’s easy to explain for me.

Having the right connections in life is key to success, that’s what I believe. Connections have always brought me to the next level in my business. Jono Armstrong, who is the founder of The Ministry Of Freedom has been a great example for me on how to go from literally having nothing to 1 million dollars a year. In our whole industry, I have never seen anyone going up in success as fast as I’ve seen Jono growing. That’s someone you want to hang around.

Jono’s personal invite

So on the 26th of January, I received an email from Jono that he needed beta testers for his new high ticket program. He announced to do a live hangout on Youtube where he would pick those beta testers. During this hangout, I decided I wouldn’t apply to become a beta tester. I didn’t like to comment on the stream as a fellow marketer. I know… it was my pride that stood in the way.

But surprisingly things changed when Jono decided to ask for an entrance fee of $1000 to join. 10 people could join, and after those spots were filled he would close the offer. I didn’t think twice. This was the perfect opportunity to join without having to beg in public on a live stream. intuitive I grabbed my credit card and became one of the beta tester members that night.


A lot of people were mad because they thought that Jono would give those spots away for free. Honestly, I understand Jono’s intentions. When you pay $1000 you are willing to take action and that is what he needed. He needed people to get results so he could show those results to sell this training later. We all know that it’s results that sell with a high-ticket program. I admit, he could have been more clear about the $1000 entree upfront.

So what is Ministry Of Freedom?

Ministry Of Freedom Training program

In a nutshell, The Ministry Of Freedom is a full-blown training by Jono Armstrong where he gives you all the tools and training you need to set up a successful online business. It does not only focus on affiliate marketing, but it also teaches you how to develop and sell your own products. From personal experience, I can say that If you master one of these two, you can do really well.

The training is divided into 2 parts: Free traffic and paid traffic. Free traffic is perfect for those that don’t have the time or money to invest. Personally I was more interested in the paid traffic because that allows you to scale your business. Paid traffic allows you to do the same amount of work, but you can share it with more people.

I will first tell you what The Ministry of Freedom is all about and later in this review I will give you my personal thoughts.

What will you learn?

The training will take you into a 9-week journey. In this review I will highlight a few of them, starting with mindset. I know that this is a part that many people want to skip, but this has been one of the most valuable parts of the training for me. I won’t go into much detail about this, but what I can tell you is that it totally transformed my life.

One thing you can learn from Jono is that he is super disciplined, and that is what he brings over in this part of the training. It took me from a person going to bed every night at midnight having a hard time waking up, to a person waking up every day at 4AM ready to smash the day. I’ve thanked Jono multiple times for this. It made it happen that my days now end at 1PM having the freedom to spend time with my family or riding my bike 🙂

Chat window
  • Launch Jacking

After Jono has taken you through the tools and applications, the marketing training starts with a very in-depth training about launch jacking. With launch jacking, you are taking advantage of a great amount of traffic that is being sent to affiliate offers by big marketers like Jono himself.

See it like this way: every day new products are being launched by online marketers. Their goal is to make as many sales as possible for their launch, so they ask all big marketers to join their launch asking them to send a huge amount of traffic (people) to their new product. Many people will purchase the product, but a large number of people will first search for a review online, just like you are doing now reading this review. In The Ministry Of Freedom, you will learn how to catch this traffic and how to convert this traffic into sales. This strategy alone has brought Jono and myself thousands of dollars per day and can be very lucrative.

Now, this is not the typical launch jacking training you’ve been through before. It’s very in-depth and gives you advanced strategies nobody else is talking about.

One crucial part to be able to make launch jacking sales is by giving away bonuses to anyone who will purchase through your link. Only this part takes me hours per day figuring out and selecting what to give away. These bonuses can be products you own, or training you create that gives extra value to the launch jack product that people are buying.

This is one of the reasons why I like The Ministry Of Freedom so much because it provides these bonuses for you. Every time Jono promotes an offer, you will be able to use his bonuses for your own promotion by getting a copy of his bonus page. These bonuses alone are worth hundreds of dollars and will spare you tons of time. It made it happen that I was able to promote more products than I usually do which resulted in more income.

Bonus builder
  • Soft launching and Product Launching

In this part of the training you will learn how to create your own products and launch them into the market. This is one of the fastest ways to build your buyers email list. With a soft launch you will learn how to get an idea to create a simple small product and how to send traffic to it to make sales and to build your list.

Bonus spot

One of the great advantages of being a member of The Ministry Of Freedom, is that you will be allowed to give this product away inside Jono’s products. When Jono launches a new product, thousands of people will buy it and they will be able to opt in for your bonus product. Imagine how fast this will build your email list which you can use to start sending offers to.

Next to the soft launch part, there is also a Product launching training. In this part of the training Jono will show you the secret to get 6 figure launches.

What are the advantages of joining M.O.F.?

Ok, this is the most interesting part that you probably have been looking for. Now that you have a basic idea of what you can find inside of the training, let me explain to you the advantages of becoming a member of the Ministry Of Freedom.
  • Rotator commissions (reverse-kanga)
As a M.O.F. member your affiliate link will be added to Jono’s rotator. Before Jono launched his high ticket course, he kept all the sales he made for himself when he promoted a product. Now that his income comes from his high ticket course, all the promos that he does will be added to the rotator which results in you getting commissions through your affiliate link without having to send traffic yourself. Keep in mind that the more people join this course, the rotator will also be filled with more affiliate links.

Here is a screenshot of the rotator sales I got this month. A nice extra income without having to send traffic myself 🙂

Reverse kanga
  • Guaranteed affiliate approval
When you are just starting out and you want to promote an affiliate offer, many times your request to promote the offer will be denied by the vendor because you have no proven record. This is very frustrating and a reason many people quit their journey. Because Jono is a top affiliate he has influence and he will make sure your request will be approved by actively reaching out to the vendors with a list of his members.
  • Guaranteed review access
Another huge advantage of becoming a member is guaranteed review access. I still remember the early days when I started doing affiliate marketing that it was very hard to get review access to the products that I wanted to promote. Having access to the products is key to do a proper review. This problem is now taken care of inside of the Ministry of Freedom. For each launch, a doc with access is being shared which means you get immediate access to products. One of the cool benefits is that you don’t have to purchase these products yourself. You are now getting access and you can learn from it also (if they are info products)
Review access
  • Free bonuses for your promo’s

In order to have succesful promotions you need to have bonuses. Personally I have seen my sales going through the roof when I started giving out bonuses. For each promo Jono is doing, he creates bonus pages with Commission Gorilla (affiliate link) that he is sharing with a share code. You can simply import the share code and a complete done for you Bonus page is being shared with you. You can either keep the pages the way they are, or you can modify them the way you like them to look.

  • 100% Commissions on Jono’s launches
Every time Jono is launching a new product, you will be set to 100% commissions throughout the whole funnel. This means that when you sell this product 100% of the commissions will go directly to you as a member of M.O.F.
Fake guru ad
  • Use Jono’s high-ticket ads & webinar

This one is big as it allows you to run Youtube in-stream ads without having to shoot any video yourself. You can use Jono’s video ads and campaign settings and start driving traffic to the high ticket webinar. At this moment, Jono is currently testing which audiences work best and he shares this info inside the training. This can become very big as it will drive $1000 commissions on auto-pilot. This module alone can bring in a 6 figure income when done correctly. Keep in mind that ads can also spend your budget very quickly, so at this point, this module still needs testing.

  • Use Jono’s 40K+ Youtube audience
Youtube audience
This is also a big one. When you become a member you are able to connect your Youtube channel to Jono’s channel. This means that when you want to do paid ads, you can select Jono’s followers as an audience which means a very targeted audience if you promote similar offers.
  • Free bonus spots
I’ve written about this earlier in my review. When you become a Ministry Of Freedom member you are allowed to add one of your products as a bonus spot in Jono’s upcoming launch products. This means that you can build your list from the thousands of people that are purchasing Jono’s products.

Above is an example of a free product that I added to the member’s area. Due to my mistake, the optin form was placed 2 days after the product has launched, but still, I got 61 new buyer subscribers added to my list for free. Most probably that number would have been 100+ if I added my optin form immediately after the product has launched. 

  • Access to our Facebook group
Ministry Of Freedom also has its own Facebook group. This is the place where we all hangout and help each other. This is the place where questions can be asked and important information is being shared.

Ministry Of Freedom income proof. Is it true?

Like I said at the beginning, I will give you a non biased Ministry of Freedom review and that brings me to the income proof of Jono’s students which are being shown on the sales page and on his webinars.

Here I have to say that 99% of the income proof is correct except for the screenshot Jono is using for my results. In some of Jono’s promo’s he shows that I made 40K per month, but I’ve never said that.

As you can see in the picture, I share my results in the group. I tell them that this is the result of following what is being teached inside of The Ministry Of Freedom. What you need to understand is that I already was doing what was is teached inside the training before I joined The ministry of Freedom.

What I basically was saying is that these methods 100% work, because they are working for me. I’ve never said that those results were from one month which I have also told Jono after I saw this. I find it important to have this clear because I want you to make a decision based on truth. 

The other screenshots are 100% legit. Those are all screenshots from my fellow students that also joined our beta group.

Most of them have never earned a single dollar online and now made their first couple of hundred/thousand dollars thanks to the rotator and their own efforts.

Tims results
Bradley results
Onantho results
Bhadra results

My results a an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative. I may not have made $40K as mentioned in The Ministry Of Freedom screenshot. I still have made over $20K this month as a result of my affiliate marketing efforts, which isn’t too bad in a time of Corona crisis.

Here a few screenshots from the biggest networks I promoted.

G apps March

Will everyone that joins The Ministry Of Freedom succeed?

Let me put it this way. It took me years to discover how to create an online income. I’ve struggled for years till I finally figured out how things were working. It took me a lot of time, effort, energy and many times that I was willing to give up. Luckily I didn’t give up, but gave everything I could which finally resulted in a 6 figure income.

Within the Ministry of Freedom you’ll get everything you need to succeed. From free traffic, to paid traffic to creating your own product by building your list, by getting support, and I could go on and on. The question is, will you do what it takes to become successful. Are you willing to put in the effort and time to discover what works for you. One thing I can say is that this training is the only thing you need. You don’t have to purchase any other product. Simply focus on what you’ll learn and become successful no matter what it takes. If you’re willing to go this route I expect you to have a bright future as well.

Can I recommend The Ministry Of Freedom

Definitely. Everything you need to know to create success is being covered in this training. The training is high-quality and has cost Jono over 6 months to put it together, and that’s what you will notice when you go through the weekly modules. No stone is left unturned.

I honestly can say that this is the best high-ticket program I know as far as today. It’s full of golden nuggets. No fluff. People are getting results, and that’s what matters at the end.

My Ministry Of Freedom Review Bonus

Throwing all kinds of crazy bonuses does not make sense. I can give you my training on how to rank your videos and all that stuff, but in all seriousness, the only thing you need is access to Ministry Of Freedom and personal guidance.

If you found this review helpful and you appreciate me taking the time to write it (which cost me a day as a non native speaker), simply purchase through one of the links on this page and I will setup a call with you to get you started as soon as possible. 

I will show you extra strategies that I implement myself that set me apart from anyone else making me bigger commissions. This is not being shown in the training and will be your bonus to get most out of this program.

Things may be confusing where to find all the information in the group. Let me guide and help you to get started the right way. 

My final review score?

The Ministry Of Freedom gets full 5 stars from me. It is a full blown training with all the tools and training you need to set up a successful online business. It does not only show you how to do affiliate marketing, but it covers almost every part of becoming an online marketer. If you want to get a solid training and community, then I can highly recommend you to join our club.

Easy to use
Tim Verdouw


Q: What makes Ministry Of Freedom better than other high-ticket programs?
A. This program is put together by Jono Armstrong who is literally modeling how he went from having nothing to making over $1 Million dollars per year. It’s not fluff that does not work. It’s the exact same method Jono has used over the last couple of years.

Q: Do I need previous experience?
A. None – this program is completely beginner friendly and will take you step by step through a 9 week program.

Q: Do I get guaranteed results?
A. No program can guarantee results. However, your affiliate links will be added to the link rotator that will promote products for you. It’s very likely that this will bring in sales for you.

Q: Do I need an email list for this to work?
A. Not at all. Ministry of Freedom shows exactly how to make sales without having an email list. During the training you will learn how to build a buyers list yourself.

Q: Are there additional costs I need to be aware of?
A. you can start without any further investments. However, if you want to use the done-for-you bonus pages you need to invest in Commission Gorilla which costs $49 per year. 

Affiliate Disclaimer: While I receive affiliate compensation for reviews / promotions on this page, I always offer honest opinion, relevant experiences and genuine views related to the product or service itself. My goal is to help you make the best purchasing decisions, however, the views and opinions expressed are mine only. As always you should do your own due diligence to verify any claims, results, and statistics before making any kind of purchase. Clicking links or purchasing products recommended on this page may generate income for my website from affiliate commissions and you should assume I am compensated for any purchases you make.