300 Dollar Day Review And Bonus Page

Get The Exact $300 Per Day Blueprint AND Softwares Being Used TODAY By

Two 7 Figure Marketers
Step by step training that teaches you how to build a following from scratch, and monitize it though affiliate marketing. This all-inclusive system includes all the tools needed to go from scratch to multiple $300 commission days online. These tools have been custom developed by Brett to deliver superior performance over alternatives on the market. You’ll now have access to the special software tools Brett uses to do his affiliate promotions and build his email list.
Upgrade to the Bonus software that lets people use Brett’s own personal bonuses (present and future) in their affiliate marketing and list building campaigns
Brett’s exclusive agency access system lets you sell his platform as their own by putting your JVZoo buy now button on his sales page!
The perfect upgrade for people who want to make affiliate sales with everything done for them. With Super Funnel people can build a list and make 100% commission sales without needing any pages, products, or even sending emails. It is truly a done for you business in a box.


My Mega Bonus: Get a Free SMARTLINKS account

Use this software to track and retarget your $300 day campaigns!

    Just Using This BONUS Software Will Make You More Profitable!

      300 dollar day review
      Create Links Like A Badass
      Create links
      • Single/Multiple Links
      • Passwords Locks
      • Expiration Dates
      • Pixel Tracking
      • Overlays
      • Splash Screen
      • Location Targeting
      • Device Targetting
      • Replace Destination URL
      • Link Groups
      • Powerful Analytics 

      Retarget All Your Links With A Breezeeeeee

      Retargetting allows you to advertise to everyone who clicked on your links.


      This means you will pay pennis for PPC ads & show ads to the right people.

      Overlay Webpages Like a Boss
      (Hint : Overlay other people’s content to capture leads )
      With an overlay, You can add CALL TO ACTION buttons on other people’s content or your own. The overlay will be displayed on top of the page that you are sharing.
      Idiot proof way

      EXTRA BONUS #2
      “Idiot Proof” Way to Get thousands of Targeted Visitors

      Setup “traffic packs” that will cost you a few minutes to set up. Each “traffic pack” you set up acts to bring you thousands of visitors QUICKLY, in an effort to save you from slow, unreliable Google traffic or expensive Facebook ads. Imagine having one “pack” that brings you 500 visitors within a week and $700 in profit. The beauty is you can set up many of these “traffic packs” as you like…

      EXTRA BONUS #3
      Have A List Bigger Than Any “Gurus” Overnight…

      You will likely NEVER make money online, until you finally take a chance on email marketing. This business model has more success stories than anything else out there… Period! In this training you’ll learn how to “EMAIL” real people, as often as you would like, without even needing a freaking email list or autoresponder. This method has almost no competition. It’s 1000x easier than building an email list the traditional way.
      List Building
      Launch your product

      EXTRA BONUS #4
      How to launch your own product

      Launching your own product is one of the most effective ways to build your list.

      The big advantage of launching your own product is that you are building a buyers list with hundreds to thousands of subscribers in a short period of time.

      In this training, I’ll show you how to get an overflow of product ideas, I’ll show you how to create or outsource those products and also the best way to launch them.

      EXTRA BONUS #5
      Access This Library Of 80 Bonuses to Use On Your “Bonus Builder”

      One of the BEST hacks to boosting results with affiliate marketing is by using bonuses. Offering bonuses as an incentive for someone to buy through your affiliate link is crucial to your success… With so many affiliates offering bonuses as incentives these days, if you’re not offering a bonus, you’re going to make affiliate marketing MUCH harder than it needs to be… With this bonus, you will be able to access a library of 80 bonuses that you can use on your own Bonus Builder pages to maximize your commissions!
      80 bonuses
      11 minute business

      EXTRA BONUS #6
      11 Minutes Business Case Study

      Plug this in immediately, and you could have a business running in “11 minutes” That’s exactly what you will learn in this “11 Minute Case Study” Plus this step-by-step video training takes you by the hand and shows you EXACTLY how you can start using this to make money TODAY. The best part about this training is that you don’t need a list, a product, or any prior experience to make money. You’ll be shown the simple steps to get big results extremely quickly inside. Plus, this is truly a method ANYONE can use to get FAST result even if you never made a dollar online. If you’re looking for a way to literally multiply your results while working less, then this bonus is the right one for you.

      EXTRA BONUS #5
      Access To All Vendor Bonuses

      Get freely access to all vendor bonuses
      Extra bonuses
      Vendor bonuses

      My final review score?

      Brett Rutecky was the first person who introduced me to affiliate marketing the way I do it today. Over time I’ve learned a lot from him. Now I’m a 6 figure marketer myself. Although Brett can be very blunt, his training and products are solid. Nothing different with this product. 300 Dollar Day is a solid training and will teach you everything you need to know to become successful online, PLUS you’ll get a nice email platform, bonus builder and extra software that comes with your purchase.

      Easy to use
      Tim Verdouw


      Q: What makes $300 Day better than other affiliate marketing programs? A. This system is ACTIVELY being used by Brett to drive his 6 figure yearly affiliate business. You’re getting the exact strategies and softwares he’s using – they’re proven effective, and they’re working right now.

      Q: Do I need previous experience?
      A. None – this program is completely beginner friendly. THAT SAID: $300 Day includes methods & tools that could help intermediate and advanced marketers scale up.

      Q: Will the included softwares work on my Mac?
      A. Yes, all the softwares included are cloud-based. They work on any operating system.

      Q: How many pages can I create with BonusBuilder? A. As many as you want, and remember the hosting is included. Run unlimited campaigns, create unlimited pages … This feature ALONE can save you $100s per year.

      Q: Do I need an email list for this to work? A. Not at all. $300 Day shows exactly how to build an email list the RIGHT way … With the bonus that when done as instructed, you can actually earn commissions WHILE you’re building your list.