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Welcome to my Kaptiwa Review.

So what exactly is Kaptiwa? Kaptiwa is an online video platform that allows you to upload unlimited videos.

Recently Youtube has changed a lot. When you embed a Youtube video on your website, you’ll always see the recommended videos at the bottom of a video which drives visitors to your competitors. At the end this will cost you sales.

Kaptiwa review

But not any longer. Kaptiwa gives you Ad-Free Video uploads to maximize visitor engagement. No longer will you see recommended videos. In stead you will see a clean video player that you can embed on any website, sales page, members site, etc.

Kaptiwa Preview

How does Kaptiwa work?

Kaptiwa comes with an easy to handle dashboard where you can organize your videos in projects. This means that one project contains multiple videos. Once you start working with Kaptiwa you first create the project. Once the project is created you can upload your videos to the project map.  

The settings

Once the video is uploaded you have the option to change some settings. In the video details you can customize the title, the short description tags and category. These details will be used on your viral page. 

If you take the upgraded version you’ll also have the possibility to customize your video player. You can choose from pre-made themes, or you can simply change the colors, hide the video play bar, buttons etc. This upgrade is good for those who want to have full control over their videos. 

Kaptiwa also comes with some very nice statistics. You can see how many times a videos has been played, you can see how many unique visitors have been watching your videos. You can check from which country they are watching, or just check if they watch your videos on mobile or on desktop.

Kaptiwa settings
Kaptiwa video details

Kaptiwa Segmentations

On top of the statistics you also have the possibility to create segmentations. These filters can be used to track specific viewers and serve them with specific call to actions while the videos reaches a specific point (upgraded version). For example when the video talks about subscribing you can add a subscription possibility in the video, or simply add a clickable image. To see my full review, please watch the video where I share more in depth info. 

Kaptiwa segmentation
Wistia vs Kaptiwa

Kaptiwa pricing vs Wistia

Now one of the best things about Kaptiwa is it’s pricing.

Compared to Wistia which is a similar service, Kaptiwa is almost 25 times cheaper. Now that’s a lot.

When I visited Wistia’s pricing page, I noticed that you’ll pay $99 per month plus 25¢ for each video you’ll upload. Compare this to Kaptiwa that comes with a two year plan which cost only $97.

So basically what you pay for Wistia for one month, you’ll get 2 years unlimited video and files upload with Kaptiwa.

This is a very good deal.

Kaptiwa features

My Final thoughts about Kaptiwa

Like I said, For $97/2years, Kaptiwa is a huge money saver. Compared to Wistia it’s almost 25 times cheaper ( $99/month + 25¢ for each video you upload ) which is insane. On top of that it gives you way a lot more options. Kaptiwa is easy to control and can be embedded in any website. If you don’t want to depend on youtube and you want Ad-Free videos for your website, sales page, mebership site, etc, then Kaptiwa is the best solution for you right now.

Easy to use

Kaptiwa Funnel/Upsells

Funnel Kaptiwa


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