Goodwill Review And Bonuses

A Way to Make Money WITHOUT Selling Anything at All…

Welcome to my Goodwill Review.

Goodwill, is it good? Does it really give you results? Does it really work? What is it?

Well, first let me start by telling you what it is. Goodwill is a training launched by Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong. If you are operating in the Making money online scene you definitely have heard of them.

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The training itself is done by Brendan Mace and is build up in 2 parts. The first part is free traffic software that you will get and the second part is the training.

How does Goodwill work?

Goodwill comes down to giving away something for free first before you sell a product to the person who got your freebie.

Now, this is a very powerful way of marketing because people don’t like to be sold to. In the opposite of selling, you are now giving away something completely free. You’re not selling, you are giving! Giving makes THE difference in your marketing. Most people who start in online marketing are impatient and only want to sell. Goodwill is build with giving in mind.

When I look into my messenger box on Facebook and Instagram, it full of people trying to promote all kinds of products to me. 9 out of 10 times I neglect these messages. By giving away something for free you are creating Goodwill, and that’s exactly what you need when you are going to sell something to someone. 

Now Goodwill is not build up in the typical way of giving away something for free. Most marketers, when they give away something for free they do this to build their email list.

Facebook Messenger

Goodwill gives it a twist by building your messenger list. Brendan says that messenger has been way more profitable to him the email marketing. It gets better opens, it gets better clickthrough rates and it generates more sales.

Now I know what you are thinking. You probably think: Yeah… I know how to build my list with messenger, I don’t need this training.

Well, you’re wrong. Well.. maybe you’re right, but you’re also wrong. Let me explain. Maybe you are right because you already know how to build your messenger list. But you’r e wrong because you don’t know how to drive free traffic, and you don’t know how to make sales at the same point.

Building your messenger list is just 1 part in the whole cycle. It allows you to make sales in the future and is simply smart marketing. But has nothing to do with the selling part after you give away the freebie.

In order to make sales and future sales, you need to have 3 things.

  1. You need a lot of traffic
  2. You need a freebie to create goodwill.
  3. You need a good converting offer.

If you have those 3, you will make guaranteed sales.

This is exactly what Goodwill offers. Let me explain them one by one.

1. Goodwill’s traffic source

Goodwill comes with a genius traffic source that gives you instant free traffic from Instagram. The software runs on auto-pilot and it will send people directly to your freebie. The only thing you’ll need is an Instagram account, a good profile (check out one of my Goodwill bonuses where I offer you 2 months of professional posts) and recommended a proxy server.

Once you have connected your Instagram, account to the Instagram Goodwill software, it will run on auto-pilot and drive traffic to your freebie.

I have to say that the software itself is worth the money of the Goodwill product itself.

2. The freebie 

When you purchase Goodwill you will get a freebie that you can give away. The freebie that comes with this product is not the typical freebie that you are used to. When I went through the training I definitely learned from it how they present it. It’s done very smart and clever in multiple ways! It gave me new ideas how to present my freebies to build my business 2 times faster. (also see one of my other bonuses where I explain how to do this as this is not covered and teached in the training)


What I didn’t like about Goodwill (what other marketers probably won’t tell you!)

As I want to be totally transparant, there is one thing i didn’t like about Goodwill what other marketers probably won’t tell you. You need to know that when you are going to give away Goodwill’s freebie, you are also going to share your leads with Brendan and Jono. Nobody likes to share leads. Especially when you are a more experienced marketer this is something you definitely don’t want to happen. 

At the other hand, if you are more experienced you know how to setup your own funnel and you won’t have any problems with this because you know how to run campaigns like this on your own. For the less experienced marketers my personal thoughts would be: It is what it is, and if it makes me leads and sales, who cares… See it like this, you get done for you traffic, a done for you freebie and a done for you offer followup. It’s perfect to start making online sales. 

3. A good converting offer

Like I said earlier in this review, you need to have a good converting offer ion order to make sales online. This is what comes with Goodwill. You don’t need to worry for picking the right offer. Once people have signed up for your freebie, they will be redirected to a good converting offer, and all the sales that are being made will be rewarded straight to your own pocket.

My Final thoughts about Goodwill

Goodwill is a great product and is worth every penny you’ll pay for it. The software that comes with Goodwill itself is worth the price of the product. After purchasing you are fully equipped to run campaigns that run traffic, that will build your (messenger) list and will make you sales on auto-pilot once it’s setup.

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