When you have installed your WordPress website, it’s easy to get a lot of free themes. Simply go to the Appearance section in the backend of your website and click on add a new theme. As you can see, you can browse through hundreds of WordPress themes for free. The only problem is that a lot of themes are not professional or outdated, and if they are not outdated, you have to pay for premium add-ons, etc.

A few days ago I got an email from ThemeIsle (creator of many paid Premium WordPress Themes), and I saw that they were offering a completely free premium quality WordPress theme called “Parallax One“. Of course, I wanted to check this out, so I visited the website and downloaded the theme. And yes, I was free indeed.
So what’s inside? Here’s a quick summary:

So what’s inside? Here’s a quick summary:

  • Parallax effects – hence the name of the theme 🙂
  • Custom homepage with adjustable content blocks. Allowing you to display information such as services, about, team, testimonials, latest news (from the blog), contact info, and more. Each
  • block has its distinct style and appearance
  • Fully responsive design.
  • Compatibility with all major popular plugins.
  • Support that’s 100% free.
  • Clean and validated code.
  • Unlimited color options to choose.
  • Every customization available through the default theme customizer interface in WordPress.
  • Localization capabilities.

And best of all, minimal setup required. Just install, activate, adjust the homepage and you’re good to go.

Parallax blocks

My conclusion after installing the theme

Of course, I installed the theme to try it out myself, and I came to the following conclusion:

If you are a more advanced WordPress user, then maybe this theme will disappoint you.
Why will it disappoint you? Because you cannot fully customize the theme to your needs. The homepage is as it is, you can only change the content and the images. The content blocks can’t be moved, or custom made. You can’t add new parallax rows with your ideas in it, and to me that’s a no go. I am a person who wants to have full control.

I think that’s why ThemeIsle calls it a Free Premium Quality theme in stead of Free Premium Theme. It has the quality of a premium theme, but it does not offer all possibilities that a Premium theme should.

theme, and you are new to WordPress, or you like the layout of the Parallax effects theme, then this theme is absolutely good for you. It looks professional; it has some nice features, it fits all major browsers and it’s made for 2015. And best of all, It’s completely free.

Want to try it yourself?
You can download the theme HERE

Btw, I don’t get any commission over this one; I just wanted to share it with you all