Hi guys Tim here,

If you have a WordPress website, then pay attention because your website may be at risk!

As most of you know I run a WordPress website, and after being hacked 2 times I decided to purchase a WordPress plugin called ‘WP Site Guardian 2017’.

This plugin protects your website by monitoring and blocking unnatural behavior on your website.

This morning I was shocked by an email I got from the plugin that my website was possibly being attacked.

After logging into my website this is what I saw.

There were already 2 possible attacks on my website! within 24 hours!

After doing some research today I noticed that 37.000 websites got hacked daily! And 78% of all those websites are WordPress Websites. Wow! You can read the report here.

First I didn’t want to promote this plugin. I just wanted to use it for myself, but after reading this report I could not decide anything else than share it with you.

From experience, I can tell you that it is no fun to have your site being hacked.
Even after getting my sites back up again it didn’t function the way it did before.
I had to close one website because it was infected too much.

So don’t take the risk by getting hacked and secure your website today.

Check out WP Site Guardian 2017 here

Thank you and enjoy,

Tim Verdouw