Check out my WebinarHD Review to see how you can run webinars with interactive layouts

In my WebinarHD Review, you will see exactly what this product is all about and how you can use it in your business.

Let me dive straight to the point. WebinarHD is a webinar platform that allows you to run webinars with dynamic layouts.
You can switch layouts with ease. From picture in picture to the a mastermind layout, side by side or interview layout.

The idea behind this is to keep the visitors attention. Research has shown that our attention span is short these days, so every strategy that helps is very welcome.

My experience with WebinarHD

When I got my hands on HD webinar for the first time, I have to say it was a very pleasant experience when I first reviewed it. The look and feel of WebinarHD is very clean and a totally different experience than what you would expect from a webinar platform.

Webinarhd review
As you can see in the image above, it’s very intuitive and in this case, there is not much that can’t go wrong.
You simply have 3 buttons to click on and then the followup steps are very easy to follow.

Now I have to say that I have review access to the front end product and the first upsell (more about the upsells later in this post).
When you purchase WebinarHD you will get access to the first two options. Instant Webinar and Live Webinar. The last one gives you the option to stream a live event directly to Youtube or Facebook.

How does WebinarHD work?

Running webinars with WebinarHD is easy and actually can’t go wrong. While creating your first webinar, you will go through different pages that will take you step by step through all the details that are needed to plan your first event.

I won’t go into every detail, but I will give you the steps in the process.

  • Plan your webinar date and time
  • Enable/disable replay
  • Add presenters and moderators
  • Add your logo and custom videos (optional)
  • Add your tracking codes
  • Specify your custom thank you page (optional)
  • Enable and customize your confirmation and followup emails
  • Upload your slides

Now I have to say that all of the above is done so easy that it becomes fun to schedule your webinar.
Also, I really like some of the options mentioned above, like the replay and the ability to add your own tracking codes.

One other thing that takes away the pain for most hosts is the automatic email followups. All emails are prewritten and you are able to send them as you wish by enabling or disabling a simple switch.

Webinar HD email options

How to start your event?

After you have created your webinar you, and all other hosts will get a confirmation email with a specific link. Once you have clicked the link you will be redirected to the broadcast area where you are able to click a start button to get started.

In the broadcast area, you have the option to switch dynamically to different layouts to keep your visitors attention. But not only that, you are also able to share your webacam and screen,  play Youtube videos or share your PDF presentation.

Now I’m not the greatest writer, so I will discuss a lot more in the video and I will also show you how to use all the different options.

How is WebinarHD compared to HQ Webinar?

A few months ago I did a review of HQ Webinar which was also a one-time-price webinar deal. First of all, I have to say that a one time investment of $47 is a no-brainer to me for an all in one webinar platform. Ok, the bigger brothers like zoom will probably have a few more options. but WebinarHD will have enough on board for most online businesses. Even better, it offers a lot for $47.

But ok, to answer your question: personally, I like WebinarHD better than HQ webinars because of it’s simplicity. Both have a very nice layout and have a simple structure, but somehow WebinarHD feels more pleasant to work with. I like the layout better and the options are easier to discover. However, both are a great deal if you grabbed HQ Webinar on time. Right now it’l cost $47/$97 a month.

Why should you run webinars?

To be honest, I don’t think I need to answer this question, but ok, for those who still want to know:

  • “Webinars are the #1 Way to Increase Sales” (without having to spend a lot)
  • “Nothing Converts Better than a Webinar” (not even video)
  • “Webinars are Extremely Cost Effective” (even for the smallest business)
  •  “You DON’T have to be a Great Speaker or have Any Technical Skills”
  • “Webinars help you Connect with your Audience Better than anything” (except live events)
  • I could go on and on 🙂

The benefits you’ll experience with WebinarHD are huge:

  • More Reliability with WebinarHD Single Stream Video Technology
  • More Traffic by Streaming Any Webinar LIVE to Facebook or YouTube!
  • More Engagement by Choosing Your Favorite Dynamic Broadcasting Layout
  • More Hosts With Unlimited Presenters & Co-Hosts During Your Events
  • More Leads With Done4You Registration Funnel
  • More Relaxed With Automatic Email Notifications Sent to Attendees
  • More Awesome Playing Pre-Recorded or Any YouTube Videos During Live Sessions
  • And Much, Much More…

WebinarHD: How much does it cost?

Webinar HD pricing table

Front-end  $47/$97
Right now during launch period, you’ll get front-end access for $47/$97 (personal/commercial). With the front end you are able to run webinars and live events to Facebook or Youtube.

Reuse Any Live Webinar Recording – Play Previously Recorded Webinars & Chats for a TRUE LIVE-LIKE Experience

Full 6 Weeks Training To Create The Perfect Webinar – Follow Our Footsteps To Earn 5 Figures Per Webinar Sessions.

(OTO3) WebinarHD AGENCY/RESELLER $97/$197
Sell Webinar Services To Local Businesses 50-200 licenses

Get WebinarHD through this page and get my custom bonuses:

WebinarHD custom bonus 1

WebinarHD custom bonus 2

WebinarHD custom bonus 3

WebinarHD custom bonus 4


Buy WebinarHD through before the launch ends and also get these EXTRA Bonuses!

WebinarHD authority

Webinar Authority
Become a passionate and engaging speaker, as well as develop your idea so that you can host the best webinar possible. In addition, we will be covering other concepts that are vital to webinars, such as the equipment that you will need, mastering Q&A’s, working with co-organizers and hiring staff and much more.

WebinarHD mindmap

Webinar Mindmap
See in one overview all the aspects you need to handle before, during and after your webinar. Use it as a printout on your wall as a reminder of the items you need to consider.

WebinarHD template

Webinar Presentation Template
A powerpoint template for a marketing webinar, including slides built for presentations that deliver free educational material and then make an offer at the end to sell a product or service. Use this template as a starting point. It gives you flow and structure for your webinar. Keep in mind that you can change it suit your needs and goals.

WebinarHD blueprint

Webinar Blueprint For Successful Webinars
Learn how to become a webinar presenter and begin using webinars as a tool to find more clients and grow your business. Webinar Blueprint – is the perfect guide for anyone who is interested in marketing with webinars.

WebinarHD checklist

Sales Webinar Checklist
Creating a webinar the first time can be a bit overwhelming. This handy checklist can be used to make sure you don’t miss anything along the way. And of course, you can modify the list to fit your own webinar needs.

WebinarHD list building

List Building With Webinar
Seminars, lectures and presentations are important modes of sharing existing knowledge and dwelling on new and innovative ideas. However, a lot of time and money are spent which largely discourage the participation as well. Webinars are very effective to counter these problems while providing an effective source of communication at the same time.

WebinarHD outline

Webinar Outline
Craft your webinar according this outline. You webinars will have a natural flow and all the ingredients you need to deliver a webinar that will engage and motivate people to receive your offer for your product or service.

My final review score

I highly recommend that you check it out now and get in while the early bird special is still open. After it expires you will have to pay a monthly fee… but right now, here today, you can get WebinarHD for a low one time investment.

Easy to use