Headlines are one of the most important things to get people click on your links. This could be in your email marketing or your blog post articles.

A good headline can increase the click-through rate so significantly that it is important to take the time to sit down and be creative. Simply put, better headlines bring in more sales.

To get you in the right direction I got a tool for you that will help you when you are working on your headlines.

Actually, I got 2 tools.
Both will help you and give you tips on how to create the most powerful headlines people will click on.

The first tool is called Sharethrough.
Sharethrough is a great free tool which will give a score for your headline. The great thing is that it also stores your tries so you can finetune your headlines.


The second tool is from CoSchedule.
This one operates similar, but what I like about this tool is that it also shows how it looks on different media like Google and email.


Of course, no tool will give you the perfect headline.
Both tools are to help you heading the right direction.

Always keep using your healthy thoughts, and use what you think what would match best with your audience.

Happy headlining!