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Welcome to My Lead Gen Secret Review

Hey there, thank you for visiting this page. In this review I will give you my honest opinion about My Lead Gen Secret.

I’m writing this review one month after using the product so that I can show you if it works or not. I’ve heard different opinions about the program, so I decided to test the system myself so that I could get a good idea of how this system works and to see if it is profitable indeed. My main concern was, do these leads also buy my offers?

My Lead Gen Secret Review

The Problem with most reviews

The problem I had with most reviews that I saw, is that the people that where doing the reviews only showed the results from promoting the system itself. By that I mean, they where showing how many sales they where making from promoting the system to their own email lists they already owned, or how many sales they made from promoting My Lead Gen Secret to their Facebook friends, etc. Now there is nothing wrong with promoting the system itself, but I wanted to know if the leads of My Lead Gen Secret where converting to sales.

So the problem with only promoting the system to other traffic than the leads from My Lead Gen Secret is that you don’t get a good picture if the leads will buy from you or not. You can show your backend and tell me that you made a lot of money with it, but if you made it from emailing your existing list, it’s worthless. It only proofs that MLGS is a good converting offer. This is a good thing to know if you already own a buyers list, but not if you are a beginner who wants to use MLGS to start making sales.

100 Leads Per Day for $30/month

Because I like to test things out myself, I decided to jump on this offer to see how it converted to sales. When you purchase My Lead Gen Secrets, you immediately get your first 100 leads in your backend. You can decide to download those leads, and import them into your own autoresponder, or you can use the free build-in system to email the leads. With this system you are allowed to send out 1 email per day. Perfect for those who don’t have an autoresponder.

I decided to wait a little while before I started emailing the leads. In the mean while I had one referral through my website. Now this makes it more interesting, because when you refer one person, you will get 100 extra leads per day. From this point I received 200 leads each and every day.

My Leads

What you need to know about the leads

I started emailing when I got about 1800 leads. I also decided to track some things and I wasn’t pleased with the results. I noticed that I didn’t got clicks in my Warriorplus account while the MLGS system was telling me that I had received an X amount of clicks. This pissed me off and I called My Lead gen Secret a Scam. I even did a video about it calling it a scam and I decided to quit my subscription.

BUT THEN… that same evening I got 2 sales in my Warriorplus account with the tracking ID of My Lead Gen Secrets. I was like WOW, how is this possible? Also I noticed the clicks came in in Warriorplus, so I decided to continue promoting offers to my new leads. Also I decided to start promoting the MLGS program itself to my leads. Still the tracking didn’t make sense to me, but the sales came in which was most important to me.

Also I could confirm that my new signups where leads that came from My Lead gen Secret. When I looked at my downline, I could see that the people who purchased My Lead Gen Secret where the same people that I found in the leads I downloaded from the system. This is AWESOME news. This means that the leads where actually buying!

Confirmed leads

The leads I’ve downloaded

Gen 1
Secret 2
Secret 3
My leads 3
My leads 4

What I noticed after 1 month, is that many of the leads that started to buy, where leads that signed up weeks to a month ago. Important to know is that the leads you are getting, are ice cold leads. They have never heard of you, so why should they buy from you? This makes sense. You need to warm up your leads before they buy. Don’t expect to makes sales from day 1.

My Results With My Lead Gen Secret

Like I said before, I started emailing when I got about 1800 leads. Every sale that I made was tracked. While promoting to MLGS leads I promoted several offers. 

In total on Warriorplus I made 9 sales with a total of $255

My lead gen secrets results 2019

I also promoted My Lead Gen Secrets to the leads itself. Below you see the total sales I made with the system. 

System results

Now 5 of those sales I could not confirm with the downloaded lead list. Those most probably came from a Youtube video I’ve uploaded to youtube. This means that I made $200 by promoting the system to the leads.

So in total, in my first month the results from the My Lead Gen Secret leads are:

Warriorplus $255 + MLGS $200 = $455

MLGS VS Solo Ads

Before I joined My Lead Gen Secret, I did a quick calculation in comparison with Solo Ads. I think solo ads are similar to My Lead Gen Secret leads because they are also Ice cold leads that are not warm hot buyers.

I was in the assumption that I could at least get one referral, so that meant that I would get about 6000 leads per month. This means that I would be paying half a penny for one single lead.

Now lets compare this with solo ads. Let’s say with solo ads you have a 50% opt-in rate on your squeeze page. On average you’ll be paying about $0.40 per click. This means that at the end you’ll be paying $0.80 per lead. This is 160 times more expensive than My Lead Gen Secret Leads.

My final thoughts

Like I said, My Lead gen Secret leads can be compared with solo ads, and with the price of $30 per month for 100 leads a day (or 200 if you refer 1 person) this is definitely worth the “risk”.

I say “risk” with quotations because in my opinion it’s not really a risk. I mean how many people have bought solo ads for $80 bucks and got a few hundred leads and didn’t make a single sale from it? With My Lead Gen Secret you’ll get at least 3000 leads in your first month for $60 (only your first month you’ll pay $30 signup fee, and after that it’s $30 per month).

Tim Verdouw

Treat the leads as cold traffic, warm them up, and you be able to make some nice sales like I did.

Even if you have no offers to promote, you can promote the MLGS itself. For every referral you will get $5. If you refer 5 people in one week you’ll get a nice $100 bonus. 

Although I was sceptical at the beginning, my results where proving me wrong. My Lead Gen Secret is a great opportunity for those who don’t have their own list and want to start without a big investment. If you do things right, you are able to create a nice monthly residual income with the system.

PS: Many people are contacting me in 2020 asking me if my bonuses are still available. The answer is yes.
As long as this page is live you’ll get my bonuses after you sign up through one of the links on this page.


If you can see the bonuses below, it means that they are still available.


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I will then send you the bonuses so you can start with the training immediately.


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