Mailelite review

Mailelite review

In this Mailelite review, I will show you what Mailelite is and how you can use it to send out 10,000 emails a month at no cost.
Also, I will give anyone who buys through this page a custom bonus that is required to get good delivery results with this platform.

Mailelite review – What is Mail Elite?

Mailelite is an email platform just like Getresponse, Aweber, Constant contact, etc. In comparison to all those platforms, Mailelite is different. It only charges you one time, instead of a monthly fee. When we look at Getresponse, you’ll pay $15 a month for 1,000 contacts.

Mailelite works differently.  You can store unlimited contacts and you can send out unlimited emails without having to pay anything. The only thing you need to have is a SMTP server that is connected to the platform.

You can choose to connect to your own hosting server, but I recommend you to check out professional services like Sendgrid and Mailgun.


Is it 100% free to send emails?

Yes and no. When you use your own server, you can send out unlimited emails. However, from experience, I can tell you that this is something you don’t want to do if you are on a shared server. However, if you want to send out 1000 emails it would not be a problem. When you are going to send out more emails, you can use Mailgun as a server which comes with a free plan of 10,000 emails. If you need more, than you can upgrade for $5 a month to send out 20,000 emails.

How does Mailelite work?

Mailelite is not hard to understand. When I logged in I was surprised how easy this application worked. It’s not hard to understand Mailelite and everything is very intuitive.

Within 5 minutes you can see all the details of the app. Just go through the menus and everything makes perfect sense. In the left menu, you will see the following options.

  • Dashboard
  • List (here you can add as many lists as you want)
  • Email (here you can compose your emails)
  • Forms (here you can create signup forms)
  • Subscriber (here you can import unlimited subscribers)
  • Templates (here are your email templates stored)
  • Stats (here you can check out your email performances)
  • Support (here you can contact support)

Is Mailelite better than Getresponse or Aweber?

It depends from which view this is being asked. Personally I’ve had bad experiences with both Getresponse and Aweber (and also other autoresponders). Especially when I imported new contacts I always bumped into problems. I’ve lost hundreds/thousands of contacts because I could not import them because they simply didn’t allow me to. Also making new lists etc cost a lot of time.

But not with Mailelite. When you look at the video, you will notice how easy it is to create a new list.

How is the deliverability?

Good question. Although I could not test the deliverability with the demo account, I’ve had great experience with Mailgun myself, which is the SMTP server that connects with Mailelite.
So actually it does not have much to do with Mailelite, but more with the sending party Mailgun which has a good reputation.


This also brings me to the next point which is my custom bonus that I give to everyone who buys Mail Elite through my link.
Yes, you can connect Mailgun easily throug a API key.  However, your deliverability will be horrible. To get a good delivery you need to do more then simply connecting the app.

In my custom bonus, I’ll take you step by step and I’ll show you how to setup things correctly so that your deliverability will skyrocket in stead of spamrocket.

Mailelite review – My overall thoughts

I think Mailelite is a perfect solution for those who don’t like to pay monthly fees for their autoresponders. You can send out 10,000 emails for free or scale up at low costs.

Mailelite looks clean and is very easy to use.

My Final Review Score

Easy to use