Check out my Design Like Pro Review to see how you can create powerful graphics inside WordPress

In this Design Like Pro review, I will be going over the product and show you how powerful this WordPress tool is. So what exactly is Design Like Pro?

Design Like Pro Review

Design Like Pro Review

Design Like Pro is one of the most powerful WordPress plugins that I’ve ever seen, and I’m 100% serious about that. What exactly does it do? It allows you to create and design powerful designs straight into your WordPress backend.

In my Design Like Pro Review video, I will show you how this works as I will go into every detail of the product. Why is this the most powerful WordPress plugin I’ve ever seen? There are many reasons, I will write them below.

If you don’t like to read, feel free to check out the Design Like Pro video below.

What exactly is Design Like Pro?

Design Like Pro is the most advanced WordPress image editor I’ve ever seen. It’s a single WordPress plugin that you install on your website. After you have installed the plugin you can create a new post on your site and click the small icon that is added to your editor.

Once you have clicked on the icon, a beautifully designed image editor will show up that allows you to create stunning nice images.
You will see a full library with over 1000 image templates you can choose from. When I opened it for the first time, I was super impressed by the professionalism this plugin was built with.

design like pro review

design like pro review


Why is this plugin so powerful?

I can come up with many reasons, but the most beneficial reason is that is that it will save you tons of time.

Let me explain. Normally when you are going to design images, you have to do this on your own computer, or in the cloud, see also my review of Pixelmodo. Personally, I like the cloud because this does not slow down my computer. However, when you edit your pictures in the cloud you have to upload your picture first. Then you have to design your image, and when it’s done you need to download it to your computer. Once it’s on your computer you need to upload it to your WordPress blog to see it on your website.

Many times I experience that I want to modify an image once I have uploaded a picture. The result? I have to start the whole process over again.

Not with this designer tool!

Nope, it will become a lot easier for you once you have installed the plugin.
You are instantly ready to design a new image within your WordPress post or re-edit your current design. Just click the small icon and over 1000 ready done for you templates are presented to you. Don’t want to use a template? No problem, you can also start with a blank canvas.

A full-featured designer tool

Now when you start editing your images you will see that you have access to a full-featured designer tool that gives you all the options that you need. You can literally change everything you see on the screen.

Here are a few options that are available:

  • Change backgrounds and colors
  • Ad text layers
  • Add icons
  • Add 12 different types of shape categories
  • Upload your own images
  • Change layers
  • Change transparency
  • Choose from over 1000 templates
  • Sooo much more…

Now when you’re done, you can add the designed images straight to your post and you’re done! No more downloading/uploading etc.

Not satisfied? Just click on edit!

Now here comes the cool part. Are you not satisfied with your design? Well, simply click on the edit button and you are ready to edit the same image. All your settings have been memorized so you can continue the work where you left off. Now can you imagine how much time this will save you?

As I said, this is really the most powerful WordPress plugin that I’ve seen.

Here is an example of an image that I have created:

design like pro review

design like pro review

7 benefits

  • Powerful Graphics Designing Tool Right Inside Your WordPress Dashboard
  • Easily Create Stunning Designs Straight From Your WordPress Dashboard Using The Built-In Templates
  • Create & Edit Graphics, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ Posts, Ads & Headers, YouTube Channel Art And A Lot More…Within Seconds
  • Designing Tool Built For Marketers, Bloggers And Website Owners Who Have No Designing And Technical Skills For Operating Complicated Tools Like Photoshop, Canva Etc.
  • Advanced Features Like Layering allow You To Create Jaw-Dropping Graphic Designs Making Your Website And Social Media Ads And Posts An Instant Hit
  • Built-In Library Includes Thousands Of Professionally Designed Pre-Installed Themes, Images And Templates
  • Make Thousands Of Dollars In Pure Profits By Selling These Graphic Designs

What about the pricing?

At the 20th of July, Design Like Pro will have its kickoff.
For the first 3 hours, you can grab your  unlimited site license access for $24.99 (you need to use coupon 3early)

After those 3 hours, during the launch you can choose from a personal single site license for $23,99 or you can get the unlimited site license for $28,99

The price after the launch will be $47 – $67 which will be a recurring payment.

My advice would be to take the Unlimited Site License.

Below you’ll see the upsells:
Design funnel

My final words

If you have a website and you want to save time, then I can really recommend you to get your hands on this very powerful design tool. It has a very nice price and it is of great quality. The 1000+ templates are a great addition to this editor. This way everyone, even without having any experience can create professional designed images. If you have a website, and you are post images on a regulare base, than this plugin is a must have as it will save you tons of time.

When you buy through this Design Like Pro Review I Will Also Give You The Following Bonuses (ONLY for the first 50 buyers)

Buy through this Design Like Pro review and you’ll also get access to my following bonuses:

BONUS #1: Online photo editor

I will give you access to over 1 million Royalty Free Stock images that you can use with Design Like Pro.

BONUS #2: Online photo editor
Before you upload your images to Design Like Pro, make your photo’s magic with this online photo editor.

BONUS #3: Hundreds of mockups and over 10,000 icons
Create a laptop with your logo on it within seconds, or use over 10,000 icons. Both you can use perfectly with Design Like Pro.

Bonus #4: 25 Websites you should know
When it comes to designing, it’s important to have access to the right sources.
I’m giving you access to 25 websites you should know when you are looking for designing material. With this bonus, you are fully equipped to use Design Like Pro in its full potential!

Bonus #5: WP Subscriber Traffic Pop Up
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This is a plugin to create video sales pages. No programming knowledge required. It supports Youtube, Vimeo and MP4 Videos.

Bonus #8: Vidsurvey (Video Survey Tool)
This a mobile-based application for gathering information about products which are launched in the market.

Bonus #9: AutoInsta Profit
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Bonus #12: WP Botlocker 
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Bonus #14: VidConnect
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The following bonuses will be added to your Design Like Pro Account

Bonus 2_Design_LIke_PRO

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Bonus 4_Design_LIke_PRO



My final Review Score

Easy to use