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24/7 Passive Income With FREE Traffic…

Check out this Cash Magnets review, online income with 5 passive methods.

30 mins is all you need to create your first “cash magnet”.

In this course Brendan shows you 5 different ways to build passive income on the internet.

Every single one of these 5 passive income methods can be considered as a cash magnet.

Cash Magnets review

It’s something that you can setup one time and keep getting paid for it over and over and over again without having to do the work agin. There are 5 cash magnets in this course and also different traffic sources that you can use to get traffic to your cash magnets.

All you need to do is pair a traffic source with a cash magnet, bring them together and boom, you got tons and tons of potential online income.

Cash Magnets review

1. The first cash magnet – The Funnel
This is Brendans favorite cash magnet. It’s a funnel where you will start with a page at the front of your funnel that will get prospect into that funnel. Once they are in the funnel, an email series will be send to those prospects which is gonna bring in the passive income.

Brendan is going to show you his best converting landing page and tells you why it’s converting so well. Also he will give you his email funnel. This means that you will get an exact copy of his emails and you don’t have to write them yourself.

The great thing about this method is that once it’s setup there is no work left to do. It’s complete passive. This method can also perfectly be scaled by sending paid traffic to it.

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2. The second cash magnet is the affiliate cash magnet.

This magnet is about product reviews and is the least passive while the others can be 100% hands-off. However it can be passively if you use one of the relatively passive traffic sources that you can send traffic to your product reviews. Brendan will show you everything he is doing in the affiliate cash magnet.

3. The blogging cash magnet.

In this magnet Brendan will break down how to setup a blog cash magnet. His own blog is generating passive income for him. He will now show you how he has setup his blog a few years back where he is now benefiting from passive income because of it.

4. The fourth one is a Youtube Channel
Youtube can be very profitable. Brendan has 55.000 subscribers and he will show you exactly how he has build up that youtube channel and the best way to monetize it.

5. The static website cash magnet
In this cash magnet you will learn how to setup a static website that you can monetize with ads that can pay you a few hundred dollars per month forever. The static website cash magnet is the most passive one of all the methods and once it’s setup you can greatly benefit from it.

This product will be available March 29th @ 9am EST

Cash Magnets Funnel/Upsells



Cash Magnets is our course that personally shows how we make passive income online. It covers funnels, youtube, blogging, websites and reviews.



Done For You Magnets – This gives people some “done for you” magnets that they can start making money with immediately. No need for guesswork.



High Ticket Magnets – We show how to land “high ticket” sales, so that anybody who can make even one sale a week can earn a big income online.



Advanced Secrets – This shows some of our more advanced strategies that we’ll be giving away for only about $100. A massive bargain.



Limitless Traffic – This allows people to siphon traffic off our sales pages with ad Pixels they can put on our high traffic pages.



License Rights – This allows people to sell “Cash Magnets” as if it’s their own product and keep 100% of the money.

My EXCLUSIVE Cash Magnets Bonuses

Milk It Method

Bonus 1 
The Milk It Method

In my personal Training The Milk It Method You’re About To Discover The Easiest $281.58/day Method That You Can “Milk” Over And Over!

This is a PROVEN system that can get virtually anyone to $100 to $200/day with Ease. Even if you don’t have an email list or any online assets right now.

With these secrets in your arsenal, you’ll become a “Milk It Profit-Generating” MACHINE. 

Bonus 2 
How to make Thousands of $$$ through Facebook

In this evergreen training I will show you how I personally make thousands of dollars a month simply by using FREE Facebook strategies. 

I will show you exactly what I do by showing you a case study where I implement what I teach. 

You will see my earnings and the strategies that I used to make thousands of dollars by using these free strategies that you can duplicate.

SnapiShop Review Bonus 2
SnapiShop Review bonus 3

Bonus 3 
Double Your Commissions

In this training I’m going to reveal you strategies that will double your commissions with Profit Maximizers.

Giving away bonuses is a great way to earn extra affiliate commissions, however there are more ways to make extra commissions.

Get Profit Maximizers through my link and I’ll show you a way how you will get more out of your affiliate promotions.

Simply implement the tweaks that I’ll show you to see the extra commissions rolling in! 

Bonus 4 
Explode Your Business with FREE Instagram traffic

In this training I am going to show you how to grow and explode your instagram account on top of ReachTreat with more followers, sales and free traffic to your website.

With this simple easy to follow strategy and software I will show you how you can take any account and grow it to the next level.

I will show you how I make sales and grow my subscribers using my own business Instagram account.

A Bonus you won’t miss as an addition to get the most out of your ReachTreat account by leveraging the power of Instagram! 

Explode Your Instagram Business
My Secret Instagram Hack

Bonus 5 
My Secret Instagram Hack

In this training I will reveal you 1 simple hack that will drive more traffic to your websites. 

This hack will only cost you 5 minutes of your time but once it’s setup it will run on auto-pilot for you.

Simply apply what I’ll show you and see the extra traffic rolling in!

Bonus 6 
6 Top-Performing DFY Marketing campaigns 

Get 6 TOP performing done for you marketing campaigns that you can promote through your Instagram account.

With these campaigns you’ll get everything 100% done for you, including:

Done for you sales pages
Done for you Bonus pages 
Done for you Thank you pages
Done for you email swipes.

Use these together with my bonus 1 and you’ll have the perfect combination to start monetizing your Instagram account!

SnapiShop Review bonus 1

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