Welcome to my blistering review video

In this Blistering Review video I will show you exactly what this product is all about.
Also make sure to get this product through my link as it will be a perfect fit together with my custom Bonus that will give you maximum results.

Blistering is a product by Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton.
In short, Blistering is a training plus software that will set up 10 custom bonus pages on your website.

The training will show you how to get buyer traffic, while the Blistering WordPress plugin will install 10 custom bonus pages for you.

Blistering review

Blistering review

The great thing about this is that all the bonuses on those pages will be provided for you.
This means that when you promote one of the 10 products, you have huge bonus packages to offer to anyone who decides to pick up one of the products through your link.

This is a perfect short-cut to create GREAT email promos that convert.

You can customize all pages by adding your own profile picture, your own link, your custom logo, custom video and description at the bottom.

From personal experience, I can tell you that creating bonus pages is a hard job and will cost you a ton of work.

With Blistering it’s just a matter of minutes and you are ready to promote.

The provided training will show you 5 different strategies to generate buyers traffic to your pages.

A few methods are new to me and pretty smart. However, the training is not intense enough. Because of that, I’m offering my recently launched product “The Milk-It Method” which will train you how to get laser targeted traffic to your bonus pages.

Also, I will offer the following bonuses (see below).

My custom bonuses (only for the first 50 buyers)

Buy Blistering through my link and get the following bonuses:

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