Today I’m doing an interview with Brendan Mace about his latest product ‘The Clones’ (see the video below).

What is The Clones?
When you buy The Clones, you’ll get 6 of Brendans top-performing affiliate marketing campaigns including all Bonus and Thank You pages (including the bonuses).

These campaigns have all made Brendan $1,500 – $2,500 per month, and you can use them to get the same results for yourself.

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$1,621 on an average campaign?
As you can see, the sales page states “$1,621 on an average campaign”.

Will you make $1,621 on each campaign inside of The Clones? Well that answer is hard for me to answer, because I have no idea where you are at with your business.

However, what I can tell you, is that when you are going to use these funnels and you start driving traffic to it, it can bring in some nice cash. All these funnels are proven funnels and have done very well for Brendan and also for many others including myself!

What I Like about The Clones?
What I really like about The Clones is that it also includes a complete case study, which means that Brendan takes you through all of the products inside of The Clones and explains exactly how he has promoted every single product. He also shows you how you can make the most $$$ CASH $$$ out of each campaign.

You’ll get every swipe file that he has used for each promotion, and going through these swipe files Brendan explains you the strategies behind every single email. In my opinion, the swipe files including the strategies behind it is already worth the investment.

When you login into the members area you will see that everything is setup very user friendly. With The Clones you can literally Clone Brendans campaigns. With one click and a few small details you are ready to start making your first commissions.

My Bonuses

  • Free Traffic Frenzy ($97 Value)
  • Bing ads Mastery training ($97 Value)
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing ($97 Value)
  • Five Figure Freedom ($97 Value)
  • Six Figure Swiper LITE ($97 Value)
  • Ultimate Traffic Mantra ($97 Value)
  • 10K Case Study ($97 Value)

Click Here To Get The Clones