Take Advantage Of Automated Webinars Without EVER Having To Run One Yourself!


Simply put, Webbymate is a sofware that lets you run powerful webinars without actually doing the webinars live yourself.

  • Automated Webinars
  • Earns for you while you’re elsewhere
  • NO monthly fees
Webbymate Review

WebbyMate has TWO parts to it:

1. Software: You will get a powerful cloud-based software that will completely automate your webinars. This way, you can run your webinars on auto-pilot without actually having to be live on the webinar.

2. Done-for-you webinars: WebbyMate comes with TWO done-for-you webinars that Brett Rutecky and Mike From Maine personally presented specifically for you. This way you can start running them on auto-pilot and start making money with it. 

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Webbymate interface

The interface is a bit old school, but simple to use.

About Bretts products: I always find the layout of the apps that he creates (and the logo design) a bit old school and outdated.

However, all of his products are top quality and after going through the software I haven’t noticed any bugs. It simply works

Most important: How does Webbymate works? 

When you log in to Webbymate you have two options. First, If you don’t have any webinars to run yourself, you can run 2 done-done-for-you webinars that are created by Brett and Mike. The second option is to run a pre-recorded webinars.  You simply upload your video to the system, and when you create your new webinar, you select the video from that list.

The great thing about this is that you upload your own videos directly into their system, which means they will host the videos for you and NOT Youtube. This was a major flaw in an earlier release of Autonars back in 2018.

I’ve never liked Youtube automated webinar systems because it doesn’t look live. On top of that, we all know that Youtube has clickable links on it that takes traffic AWAY from the webinars… which is something we don’t want.

With WebbyMate you don’t have to worry about this. All is handled on their cloud servers.

Pre-loaded webinar

Comparison chart 

Comparison chart

Increase attendance with email reminders

You probably have signed up for a webinar yourself, and you may have noticed that before a webinar starts, you always get reminders about when it starts.

The same is with Webbymate. The system automatically sends email reminders to attendees to INCREASE attendance.

This is all done for you in the background. There is NO-NEED for you to set up SMTPS servers and you don’t have to deal with email marketing software.

Fill in the blanks webinars

Fill in the blanks

When you setup your webinar you will be guided through a step by step process where you can fill in the blanks. 
Simply fill out the Sub Headline, Presenter name, Headline and Signup text and you are ready to go.

Some may find this too limited because it leaves no space for your own design, while others like the done for you part where you don’t have to worry about layout. 

Note: The signup content part has a visual WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor .

Unlimited attendees, no monthly costs

Unlike many other platforms, WebbyMate comes with unlimited attendees. This means that it does not matter how many people signup, or how many people will show up on the webinar. You will not be charged for this.

One of the most common things with webinar platforms is that with current webinar softwares is that it comes with a monthly payment. But noth with Webbymate.  When you get in on Webbymate now, the software is yours FOREVER without ever having to pay a monthly fee. This means you won’t be paying monthly and you can use the software for FREE whenever you like.

WebbyMate comes with Mail It

When you purchase Webbymate during launch time, you’ll get a nice surprise. You are now offered a free Mail It account together with your purchase of WebbyMate.

This is useful because WebbyMate is integrated with Mail It. This way all your subscribers are stored in the Mail It database, which means you can email them any time you want after they have subscribed to your webinars.  In case they haven’t bought at the webinar, you are always able to followup with them later.

Mail it account

My final thoughts about WebbyMate

Webbymate demo screen

If you are looking for an automated webinar system that simply works, then Webbymate is definitely something you want to get your hands on.

It’s very easy to set up and does not need any technical knowledge. 
The backend design is a bit old school, but the product is very solid and comes from a proven vendor.  

With the option to live answer questions during the webinar, this truly looks and feels like a great webinar system that I can recommend to anyone who wants to start running webinars. 

Now there is a lot more to say about this product, but then this written review would be 5 times longer :).

That’s why I recommend you to watch my full review in the video at the top of this website.

WebbyMate funnel

Front end

$34.95 – $67

Full featured automated webinar platform 

Upsell 1


Pro version 4 more done for you webinars

Upsell 2


4 Weeks of live coaching on how to get traffic

Upsell 3

$97, $147, $197

Reseller rights to sell Webbymate

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Design tips


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Make sure you use discount code 10off ! 
(only during launch)


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