SmartVideo Revolution Review

The ONLY all-in-one videocreator
to produce, publish and PERSONALIZE,
videos that star your visitors

With Over 92+ Smart Personalization Features To Make
Your Videos Smarter. More Epic. More Personalized.

Welcome to SmartVideo Revolution

Welcome to the revolution. The SmartVideo Revolution. With dynamic personalization as standard. Everyone who views a SmartVideo will see it as if it’s personally, exclusively for them. With over 92+ studio-grade creative elements and personalization options for names, locations, photos and more, SmartVideo is going to revolutionize the way your customers do video marketing.

SmartVideo revolution review

With personalized video being proven to increase conversions by over 985% (Forrester) and with a ton of real-life testimonials from real SmartVideo users – including Domino’s Pizza -who DOUBLED their conversions when they used SmartVideo in their personalized video campaign! And with a commercial license included as standard, you are going to be able to join the 6,500+ happy marketers who have been using SmartVideo’s personalization technology to pocket over $2.5 MILLION in sales of personalized videos to local businesses.

SmartVideo Revolution Funnel

Upsell 1

The template gamechanger for customers who hate template clubs. We’re giving away over 650,000 personalized video templates to help your customers make their personalized videos faster, easier and cheaper!

650,000?! That’s a lot of templates I hear you say! How are we doing this? We know that it’s getting harder to convert customers to template clubs, and we like to do things a bit differently here at VideoPemix, so we have created the SmartVideo ‘Template Generator’ – Giving your customers over 250+ base videos, 50+ niche scripts and 50+ royalty-free audios that they simply shake up and create their perfect template every time.

Waiting months for a template from their ‘club’ that suits their needs or niches is a thing of the past. And their videos never look outdated or the same as everyone else’s..As with 650,000 possible unique combinations – AND with additional assets being dropped in future updates, your customers are only ever a few minutes away from generating their perfect BESPOKE template every time.

PLUS: We’re also unlocking a whole host of pro features like Linkedln integration (which means viewers can connect via Linkedln which gives your customer’s an extra professional edge), voiceover capabilities, local business niche landing page templates and to much more.

Upsell 2

With over $2.5 MILLION already generated by SmartVideo users selling on personalized videos to local businesses – we KNOW there is real money to be made by your customers setting themselves up as a personalized video agency. This a complete agency package, designed to obliterate all of the cost, effort and time involved in setting up an agency. And when we say ‘com-plete’ – we mean it. This is no ordinary ‘agency kit’. Including a ‘Personalized Video Demo Show-Room’ where your customers can have personal meetings with their prospective clients and show off personalized video demos.

Your customers are also getting a whole host of agency-ready materials, where all they need to do is add their personal branding and go out and get those sales. Including: Ready-to-go personal-ized video marketing explainer video, video agency landing page, ready made demo-scripts, sales scripts, telemarketing scripts and so much more. PLUS they even increase the personalized video templates they can make to 1,250,000 with an additional 250 base level videos for their tem-plate generator. And with a ton of included com-munication and business tools; including a live chat app, personalized niche chatbot templates, chatbot demos, unbranded cases studies, social app, to-do app and a whole host of marketing assets to boot…The only way your customers won’t create a successful video agency with SVR – is if they don’t buy this upgrade.

Upsell 3

With this final upgrade, your customers will be able to bring the power of SVR personalization to their emailsl With a drag n’ drop personalized email template builder with included interactive email templates. Your customers will be able to effortlessly create innovative, PERSONALIZED dynamic AMP emails to make their every email campaign even more powerful.

Your customers will get a whole host of ready-to-go AMP HTML email templates, so they can create their personalized emails with just a few clicks. Advanced controls help them automatically craft a fallback HTML email with a few clicks. When their email is ready, our clever code validator automatically checks it for errors.Studies show that personalized emails have 2.5x higher click through rates and 6x better conversions. When your customers combine their personalized videos with personalized emails – just imagine how much that MULTIPLIES their results…

SmartVideo Revolution Review Bonuses

Purchase SmartVideo Revolution through this page and get the following bonuses

Smartvideo revolution bonus 1

Bonus 1 
50+ SmartVideo Revolution Theme backgrounds

Get SmartVideo Revolution through this page and get 50+ background themes that you can use in the Smart Video Revolution software.

These are hand-picked by myself and will give your videos a professional look.

These designs will only be offered when you buy through this page.

Bonus 2
150 Video Overlays For Blending Modes

Get access to a library of 150 4K UltraHD video overlays that are specifically made for blending.

Video blending is an easy and professional way to add professional effects to your video clips.

Upload these videos in your SmartVideo account, enable the blend mode on the layer and see the magic happen!

Smartvideo revolution bonus 2
Animated icons

Bonus 3
400 Animated Icons

Get over 400 animated icons that you can use directly in your smart video productions. 

Simply upload them to the library and use them in your videos.

Perfect for those who want to make their videos more slick and professional!

Bonus 4
51 Background Videos

When you buy SmartVideo Revolution through my link you also will get 51 (hand picked by me) cool background videos that you can use in your video productions.

Click the play button to see a preview of all the backgrounds you will get 

Bonus 5
170 Lower Third Video Layers

Create professional video productions with these lower thirds.

All lower thirds will be delivered clean and you can add your own titles with SmartVideo Revolution.


Smartvideo revolution bonus 5

Bonus 6
Animated Social Background Pack

Use these animated Icon background videos to refer people directly to your social media channels.

Included are 4 high-quality videos.

Smartvideo revolution bonus 6

Bonus 7
100,000+ Audio tracks

Get over 100,000+ audio tracks that you can use in your videos.

Never be limited in your music choice while producing your videos.

Download and import these tracks and start making your videos with these 100,000+ audio tracks.

Bonus 8
Green Screen Academy

Create stunning videos through Green Screen videos.

Almost weekly I get this question: ”How do you make these cool product review videos Tim?”

Well… In this training I’ll show you exactly how to filter your screen, replace your backgrounds and how to make stunning videos that will attract a lot of eyeballs.

I’ll show you free software that you can use and go step by step into detail how you can master this skill yourself.

Green screen academy

Bonus 9
Page and Funnel builder to build funnels and sell products and services online

Not JUST a page and funnel builder.

Hosting included!

Build Brand Websites with full navigation

Build complete sales funnels

Powerful checkout options

Sell products with 1-Click upsells

Bonus 10

Online Sales System 

Everything you need to sell products and services online

Powerful online sales system with:

Unlimited Products and Funnels
Flexible Pricing Structures
Powerful checkout options
Powerful Affiliate options
Dynamic thank you pages
Upsells, Downsells, and Order Bumps
1-Click Upsell
Robust Integrations
Use your own PayPal, Stipe, Authnet, NMI, or BrainTree
ZERO transactions fees

Green screen academy

Plus you also get access to the following bonuses:

100 DFY Motivational Video Clips

60 DFY Success Video Quote Templates

35 DFY Social Media Real Estate Post 

50 DFY Social Media Ads

My Final Review Score

SmartVideo Revolution is simply AWESOME. It allows you to create personalized videos that immediately grab the attention of the viewer. This way your conversions will be a lot higher and watch time tremendously increased.

Easy to use
Tim Verdouw

Boring legal notice: Bonuses are free, have zero monetary value, and are given away As Is” without guarantee of any kind. Due to constant technology changes, including but not limited to social media platforms integrations/interactions changes, some bonuses may not work at all or may stop working at any time. We are not obligated to fix any bonuses, but depending on issue, we may or may not fix/support the bonus after it is found non working. If any bonus web app is found not working correctly or not secure to access, it will be taken down and you will no longer have access to it. Do not use any bonus from this page if you do not agree to those terms.

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