Interactr Evolution Review And Bonus Page

Interactr Evolution

A Very Powerful Cloud Video Editor

Interactr Evolution is an enterprise class, interactive video creation platform that allows you to create interactive videos that get 2x conversions, 3x engagement and up to 14x higher click-through rates compared to normal videos.

iEvolution includes everything from previous versions.

New features in “Interactr Evolution” are as follows:


  • A new user interface.
  • We’ve rebuilt the video player from the ground up to be the fastest interactive video player on the planet.
  • The worlds first customisable interactive layer builder!
The “PRO” edition has additional features to give the app a more robust feature set including these power user features:
  • Advanced customizable interaction layer builder.
  • Premium stock footage library to build interactive videos right inside the app.
  • Surveys + Quizes.
  • Pre-set interactive video templates.
  • Pre-made interactive video thumbnails.
  • Plus more…
The agency edition combines the Interactr club and the Interactr agency!  You will get interactive local video templates each month as well as the ability to white-label the app and create sub-user accounts.
  • White-label license.
  • Consultant kit (interactive explainer video, social media posts, website, etc.)
  • Monthly local interactive video templates.
  • Sub user/client account creation.
  • Custom logo, branding, and domain.

Watch a live example below



Bonus #1
Navigation Video Layers

Get InterActr Evolution through this page and I will give you access to these video navigation layers that you can use within the Interactr video platform. Simply upload the layers in the system and use them in your videos as hotspots!

Bonus #2
High Quality Video Hotspot Layers

Use these hotspot layers in your Interactive videos to point out the options your viewers can choose from and redirect them to that specific video with these hotspots!


Bonus #3
High Quality Pointer Layers

Use these pointer layers in your interactive videos so viewers can choose what they want to watch.

Simply upload them into your Interactr account and add them to your videos!

Bonus #4
High Quality Social Video Layers

Use these social video layers in your Interactive videos and point your vieuwers directly to your social media channels with the URL redirect option in Interactr!


Bonus #5
Bullet Point Video Layers

Use these bullet point video layers to help your viewers navigate through the different options you have for them in your Interactive videos!

Bonus #6
885 Interactive Video Layers

These layers can be used as interactive points or guides in your Interactive videos. Simply upload them into your Interactr account and add them to your videos!


Bonus #7
My Personal Developed EXCLUSIVE Video Ads Creation Software!

Get Interactr Evolution through this page and I will give you my personal developed exclusive ‘Square My Video’ software.
‘Square My Video’ is my never released video software to create lightning-fast square video ads with description.

Square videos will give you instant eyeballs to your videos and outperform landscape video in views and engagement.

With this software (Mac + PC) you can create video ads in only a few simple steps. Simply select your video, add your description or background images and you’re done.

Bonus #8
170 Lower Thirds For Your Video Productions

A package of 170 professional lower thirds.

You can use these transparent banners in any type of video production. Simply drag and drop the files in your video production and add the text to your own needs.


Bonus #9
Green Screen Academy

Produce stunning videos with Green Screen Academy!

Almost weekly I get this question: ”How do you make these cool review videos Tim? How do you filter the background in your video”

Well… In this training I’ll show you exactly how to filter your screen, replace your backgrounds how to add lower thirds and how to make stunning videos that will attract a lot of eyeballs.

All without having to edit your videos afterwards!

I’ll go step by step into detail how you can master this skill yourself!

Free software included!


Extra Bonus #10
51 Background Videos

Get Interactr and you also will get 60 (handpicked by me) cool background videos that you can use in your video productions.

These backgrounds can be used perfectly as navigation background or end screen in your interactive videos where you add the interactive layers on top of it..


Extra Bonus #11
100,000+ Audiotracks

Get over 100,000+ audio tracks that you can use in your videos.

Never be limited in your music choice while producing your videos.

Download and import these tracks into your video software and start making your videos with these 100,000+ audio tracks.

Extra Bonus #12
Thumbnail Creator

Thumbnails are one of the most important factors for ranking your videos in Youtube.

Having the right thumbnail people click on is key to get your videos in the top 10 of the second largest search engine on the internet.

Get access to over 650+ done for you youtube templates which you can modify and edit to your own needs with the inbuilt tools.

Choose one of the Youtube templates, upload your own photo and you are ready to take over the internet!


To Make Sure
You’re Maximizing Your Purchase Today,
You’re Also Going To Get These Extra
Extremely Valuable Bonus Addons
For A LIMITED TIME During Launch!


Mr. X Traffic Training

Value $97

In this exclusive training you will learn the quickest and easiest way to get free local client leads for your video service. We’ve had students use this and get hot leads within 24 hours and close sales within 48 hours.

This training is held by one of Frank Kern’s top media buyers where he shows you how to use Facebook video ads in the best way to sell online.

The $15,000 Per Month Video Membership Case Study

Value $97

In this in-depth case study, we show you how interactr user Jordan has built a $15,000 per month income in the martial arts kicking niche with a video membership site.


How To Get Local Clients Using The ‘Curious Student’ Strategy

Value $97

In this exclusive training, you will learn the quickest and easiest way to get free local client leads for any service. We’ve had students use this and get hot leads within 24 hours and close sales within 48 hours.

Extra Bonus Added!

How To Easily Get Local Businesses To Buy Your Interactive Videos

Value $97

Past few days A LOT of people have bought interactr to sell videos to local clients. This bonus gives you the perfect training on how to easily get local businesses to buy your interactive videos!

(This bonus will only be available till Friday)


My final review score?

Interactr Evolution is simply AWESOME. It allows you to guide the visitor to the right direction through interactive videos. This way your conversions will be a lot higher and watch time tremendously increased.

Easy to use
Tim Verdouw


Q: Is there a limit to how many interactive video campaigns I can create?
No limits! Make as many campaigns as you want, as many variations as you want, share as many times as you want.

Q: Can I upload these video’s to Youtube?
Video’s cannot be uploaded to Youtube because otherwise the interactive part won’t work any longer.

Q: Can I add my interactive video’s to any wesbite?
Yes, you can embed your finished projects to any website. Simply use the embed code and add it to your website.

Q: Can these video’s be shared?
Yes, you can share the video’s on your own website, or use the shared page that comes with Interactr ( see an example here )

Q: Does this work on my operating system?
Absolutely – Interactr Evolution is a fully cloud-based solution. It’s compatible with Mac, Windows and any internet-enabled device… even your smart phone.

Q: Does Interactr support my Autoresponder to capture email addresses?
Interactr currently supports the following platforms: Mailchimp, Aweber, Sendlane, Active Campaign & Getresponse. If your autoresponder is not listed, you can connect it through Zapier or collect the leads in our database.

Q: I have another question
Feel free to contact me through the chat widget on this page and I’ll anser you as soon as I can.